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Huawei’s HMS Core helps Cocos Developers Build New Experiences

3D Game Experience

Since 2019, Cocos has launched a full range of cooperation with Huawei based on mobile game development. Last week, we continued this cooperation with the release of Cocos Creator 2.4.1 with Huawei AppGallery support.

Developers can access Huawei HMS Core with just one click inside Cocos Creator, and seamlessly upload existing game content to HUAWEI AppGallery Connect and quickly publish it to the Huawei app market, significantly improving the efficiency of game development. With our work, developers can gain access to their account numbers, payments, and games, as well as recently added support of push, analytics, geolocation, and much more.

In the future, Cocos will also cooperate with Huawei in all aspects and continue to access more high-quality services from Huawei HMS Core and AppGallery Connect.

HMS Core connects developers and users to facilitate efficient application development

HUAWEI AppGallery is an application distribution platform pre-installed on Huawei phones, dedicated to providing rich, high-quality, and safe applications to users in more than 170 countries/regions around the world. As of Q2 of 2020, its global monthly active users (MAU) have exceeded 460 million.

HMS Core is a hub for Huawei Mobile Services and serves as a toolkit for app development on Huawei devices.It is a bridge connecting developers with Huawei users. HMS Core focuses on three parts: development, growth, and monetization. Each piece has various accessibility (Kits and APIs) that aim to help developers achieve efficient application development, rapid growth, and flexible monetization and accelerate developers to provide Huawei end users with high-quality applications and services.

In the development stage, HMS Core allows developers to develop applications quickly and efficiently. After the developer’s app calls the interface of HMS Core, it can use corresponding functions that are part of the HMS Core, saving a lot of development work. In the monetization stage, HMS Core’s Ads Kit, In-App Purchases , etc. can help app developers realize multi-channel monetization.

Quickly publish games to HUAWEI AppGallery Connect

Starting from v2.4.1, developers can access Huawei HMS Core with one click through Cocos Creator, and upload games to HUAWEI AppGallery Connect with one click.


Developers can enable SDKHub in the Cocos Creator service panel and configure the corresponding SDK presets.

When building, select HUAWEI AppGallery Connect and select the configured SDK preset.

After the build is completed, you can upload it with one click through the upload window.

Help games break through the boundaries of imagination

On June 29, Huawei released HMS Core 5.0 based on enhancing the original capabilities of the service and added multiple services in various fields such as graphics and media, further improving Huawei’s core-device-cloud high-quality software and hardware capabilities, and making it open to global developers.

HMS Core 5.0 is geared toward the game field and can meet the five subcategories of game developers and publishers, including basic development, network acceleration, game innovation, operational monetization, and game security, and help game developers innovate their experience.

In the field of game development, graphics rendering technology is indispensable. The Computer Graphics Kit (CG Kit) provided by HMS Core can make developers’ applications more exquisite and rendering efficiency, and offer more immersive 3D graphics rendering effects for mobile games.

Cocos Creator will be integrated with the underlying algorithms of CG Kit, based on Huawei chips and equipment, to release greater graphics rendering performance, helping game developers create high-quality, innovative applications that enhance the gaming experience.

Huawei Mobile Services Ecosystem

Provide rich support for games

Up to now, Huawei has users in more than 170 countries around the world, and 1.6 million developers have joined the HMS ecosystem.


There are also more than 200 million Huawei mobile phone users in the world. If the developer’s application can be put on AppGallery, it can be exposed to 200 million Huawei mobile phone users worldwide. For the majority of developers, this is an unmissable traffic channel.

AppGallery provides developers with a wealth of support resources, including application market resources, mobile phone resources, local marketing resources, joint operation support, and revenue sharing.

In addition, retail stores around the world are an important marketing position that Huawei can provide. Currently, there are 71,400 established retail stores all over the world, and there are 6,000 flagship and experience stores that can interact closely with consumers. If developers participate in Huawei’s joint operation and have further cooperation with Huawei, their applications will appear in these activities. Through the joint operation and joint marketing, the game can quickly gain user growth.

As a world-renowned interactive digital content development engine, the categories supported by Cocos have covered many things in digital entertainment, cultural creation, online education, virtual exhibitions, e-commerce, and more, with 1.4 million content developers covering 203 countries and more than 16 billion end users.

The HMS ecosystem was born in the 5G era, and Huawei is the undoubted world leader in 5G. The continuous iteration of HMS Core allows developers to grow better in the 5G era.

The in-depth cooperation between Cocos and Huawei is bound to bring new opportunities to global games, especially Chinese games, in this 5G era. Cocos will also continue to focus on the field of interactive digital content, continue to provide developers with more convenient content creation tools, and bring reliable technical solutions and high-quality content supply to cooperation platforms.

This story was originally shared on Cocos’ official blog('s-hms-core-helps-cocos-developers-build-new-experiences)and reprinted with their permission.



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