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Questions and Answers in one meetup event

Dears, we held a meetup event on April 29, this is our meetup group url:

In this event, we collected some questions from the Attendees. Here are the questions and answers:

1 Question : Please guide how I can run app download campaigns in AppGallery.

Answer: We have paid promotion service:

2 Question : How do we install Crash application or plugin

Answer: For crash service integration, please refer:

3 Question : Can we use CI/CD tools like Jenkins to upload our app to the AppGallery?

Answer:Yes, you can use CI tools to call our connect APIs to upload. Refer to:

4 Question : You are offering limited online debug simulators… How can i test my apps on multiple environments ?

Answer: We are sorry for that, but we are trying to offer all the latest Flagship huawei smartphones for the online debug simulators.

5 Question : what about watches ?

Answer: Our smart watches will base on HarmonyOS. We will introduce watch app case in next meetup event. Learn more about HarmonyOS, refer:

6 Question : Oh Yes is there any other free simulators that we can use for Visual Studio 2019 or Android Studio when we experiencing trouble as not having a good GPU

Answer: We only have cloud debug devices, refer to

7 Question : Is Appgallery supported .aab file?

Answer: Yes, we support app bundle. Refer to

8 Question : How can we redirect users to AppGallery Market?

Answer: You can use url like, replace C101250359 with your own appID.

9 Question : Do you have face Search API for face detection and recognition for attendance system?

Answer: Yes, we have ML Kit face detection service:



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