Top 10 Ecommerce App Development Companies in the US

Smith Johnes
Appinventiv Insider
6 min readNov 1, 2022


Ecommerce apps have now completely replaced the brick and mortar stores. With exponential growth in the online marketplace globally, it is no surprise that e-commerce businesses have been experiencing huge growth. Factors such as the growth in internet penetration, increasing income of the commoners, and soaring share of an organized sector within the retail markets have created a strong foundation for e-commerce.

The e-commerce software application market is forecasted to reach 7.4 trillion US dollars by the end of the year 2025. The stats itself indicates that e-commerce is a lucrative business, and that is the reason why businesses are investing in ecommerce app development to reach out to a greater audience. If you own an e-commerce business and want to develop a robust app for the same, then we are here to help with the list of top 10 ecommerce app development companies.

List of top 10 Ecommerce App Development Companies in the USA

Here is the list of the top 10 ecommerce development companies in the USA that can help you in developing an intuitive e-commerce application.

  1. Appinventiv

Appinventiv is a leading ecommerce app development company in the USA that offers e-commerce services to clients across continents by developing simple and innovative solutions for fulfilling complex e-commerce requirements. To cater to the rising demand for ecommerce software development, top ecommerce app development company like Appinventiv has cultivated various cutting-edge tools and dedicated resources through their e-commerce mobile app development services.

By utilizing the top disruptive technologies, Appinventiv, one of the best ecommerce app development companies, can build you a robust e-commerce app for the future. As a leading ecommerce mobile app development company with 7+ years of experience, Appinventiv experts are adept in building scalable e-commerce applications for its clients that garner huge funding and a considerable user base.

2. Iflexion

Iflexion helps e-commerce businesses to boost their customer base and grow their revenue with the optimal combination of user-centric solutions, customer-centric tools, and omnichannel presence. Iflexion has been working as one of the top software service providers since 1999, with 850 + software development professionals.

Being under the category of top e-commerce app development companies, Iflexion offers full-featured solutions for diversified e-commerce businesses. The organization helps distributors, retail companies, wholesalers, and manufacturers boost their sales and drive customer satisfaction. They aim to make e-commerce development solutions with flexible designs, easy-to-use, and sleek solutions.

3. Monterail

Started in the year 2010, Montreal is yet another ecommerce application development company that has grown over the years with its team of 170 + professionals. The organization has a team of e-commerce app development experts who can help you build a secured, scalable, and robust ecommerce platform that will guide your user through a seamless purchasing process. The company offers different types of e-commerce platforms suited to their client’s needs.

This includes custom ecommerce platforms, Shopify integration, spree development, marketplace development, and so on. Over the passage of years, they have built more than 300+ products for small to mid-sized businesses by offering them scalable ecommerce solutions.

4. Retrocube

As a leading mobile ecommerce app development company, Retrocube caters to its client’s business needs with end-to-end ecommerce solutions. They have served more than 1000 + clients and have a team strength of 650 + professionals.

They follow a lean approach to developing scalable ecommerce solutions by gathering actionable insights from their research and then coming up with an out-of-the-box application that brings great returns to the client. Retrocube is known for its success rate of e-commerce solutions as it ensures the lowest app abandonment rate with a robust and interactive ecommerce platform.

5. TOPS Infosolution

Another leading mcommerce app development company, TOPS Infosolution bears an extensive portfolio of top-notch ecommerce development services. The ecommerce app developers of TOPS Infosolution are skilled and experienced in creating robust ecommerce solutions for various businesses.

The ecommerce app development solution offered by TOPS integrates all the major ecommerce-related technology and marketplaces. With 7+ years of experience in the industry, they have built a wide range of mobile applications for 250+ clients.

6. Byteout Software

With 10+ years of industry experience, Byteout Software has been turning its client’s ideas into great digital products. The Byteout team consists of seasoned ecommerce app developers who have expertise in developing mobile and web applications.

To accommodate the ever-growing trend of online shopping Byteout Software, as a reputed Android and ios ecommerce app development company, aims to offer exceptional ecommerce solutions for various businesses.

7. Firebase

Firebase’s mobile e-commerce applications are mobile-centric and render incredible facilities to the e-commerce end-users. With top-notch ecommerce app development services, Firebase aims to offer its clients a robust e-commerce app that ensures a continuous flow of revenue.

It is one of the highly-trusted and top-recommended companies that is known for its best-in-class ecommerce app development solutions.

8. My Virtual Teams

Known for its outstanding ecommerce mobile app development services, My Virtual Teams helps businesses worldwide to accelerate digital transformation in their organizations by creating a strong application.

My Virtual Teams cater to both ecommerce mobile and website development that breaks down geographical barriers and promotes the selling of goods and services to various global clientele. The experts at My Virtual Teams are experienced in working on hybrid model apps.

9. QualLDev

QualLDev is a reputed ecommerce app development company in the USA with a track record of 750+ web applications, 400+ clients, and 15+ years of industry experience. The QualLDev team has a 360-degree understanding of the ecommerce industry and has developed robust ecommerce and mcommerce solutions by leveraging platforms like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.

QualLDev, as a brand, promises a simplified user experience for the customer’s end users by offering them a customized ecommerce app development solution.

10. Fingent

Fingent offers full-cycle IT services for various ecommerce businesses that aim to address the purchase side and supply side requirements of consumer product manufacturers and retailers. Their ecommerce solutions are capable of offering SOA-based back-end eBusiness solutions.

Ever since its inception in 2003, Fingent has remained a popular name in the software development and IT industry. Being a global leader in the ecommerce app development industry, Fingent, throughout the years, has built quality-based customized e-commerce solutions.

In a Nutshell

If you have an existing e-commerce business and want to give it the power of automation for increased sales, then it’s the right time to get connected with the best ecommerce mobile app development company. Get started today to create a one-stop ecommerce solution that meets your business requirements.