5 Easy Steps to Test Your Android App Successfully!

With the ever-growing demand for the mobile application in the market, it is obvious that you will be looking forward to mobile app development. In the present era, it is must have a mobile presence to enjoy higher profits. You need to have a mobile application with distinctive features to engage users. However, the more important thing is to have a bug-free app. It is crucial to have a precise mobile testing plan to deploy your Android app and make it certain that your application gives experience to the users as expected.

As the Android market is badly fragmented, it is even more necessary that you test your application thoroughly- not just test for a bug but also for the quality. We, at Appinventiv, have a strong experience in creating and testing apps. And, here we are sharing proven ways to test your application for quality assurance; to ensure the success of the application in the real-time environment. So, are you ready?

Steps for Android App Testing

  1. Choose Your Testing Devices Wisely!

No matter how much you have excelled the testing on simulators, you cannot accurately state how will the mobile app work on the real devices. Thus, there arises a need for testing on the real devices. As Android platform is so vast with limitless devices, it is difficult to test your Android app on each particular device. However, you should analyze the performance on as many devices as possible.

One way to do so is to select the device as per your target audience’s age, financial status, age and geographical area. For example: If your targeted area is China, test your application on Xiaomi devices, while if it is Europe, going with Samsung or LG devices is a profitable deal.

2. Test it with Real Users!

According to the renowned android app development company, the best way to understand what type of challenges the users might face while using your application is to hand it over to the end users. When the real users test your application during their daily chores, you may encounter with the pain points of your application. Also, you may find the solutions for the problems and ways to improve your application before launching in the market. For example: if your target audience is the young generation, make it certain that your application does not consume a lot much data. Also, its performance does not get affected by the network changes. If you ask us, it is better to provide offline accessibility, if possible.

3. Consider the Characteristics of Different Markets!

When testing your android application for different devices/market, keep in mind that not all the devices have same inbuilt features and functionalities. For an instance, Samsung smartphones have different file storage strategy from the HTC phones. This might seem a minor detail to even consider but can actually cause your app to misbehave. Thus, keeping even the minute details into your consideration.

The best android app development company revealed that even two phones from the same brand can deliver a different response in accordance with your mobile app. So, keep it in your mind!

4. Estimate Peak App Usage

When too many users employ your application at the same, it might be possible that your app crashes. To prevent such situation, make an estimate of your peak app usage. Evaluate every feature and determine their response to excessive usage. When you get the insight, determine if you can cut down some features in MVP (first-time launch) or you’ve to invest more in the quality assurance processes.

5. Analysis After App Launch

Once you are done with all the above steps and have launched your android application, analyze the user usage through Google analytics and Crash analytics. Analyze what the users liked about your app, what are their feedbacks and make the modification as per their consideration. Also, don’t forget to consider the platform issues and make your app more supportable to the platform your app is on.


Hopefully, you have gained knowledge about the importance of quality assurance in android app testing. If you still have any doubt or wish to enjoy our Quality assurance services, contact us anytime!