6 Top Factors that Can Make Your App Fail and How to Deal with them!

You got a mind-blowing app idea and have put all your energy for turning that idea into a fantastic application. You thought of integrating it into your business, become successful and earn hefty amount of profit. It is natural that you might have started referring popular businessmen, read articles like ‘How to Build a Million Dollar Mobile App’, etc. You might have started visualizing your own ‘success story’, but wait a minute! Don’t get caught by one side of the reality. Think about the other side- the failure of your app.

Failure is the worst thing that can happen to a person, company, or idea. Unfortunately, a mobile app development company has to face this situation more often. This is basically because the app market is flooded with apps and the users have a vast range of choices for almost everything. In such a scenario, it is possible that your app might struggle to get a single download or let’s say, two active users. Isn’t this disheartening? Well, it is. Anyway, don’t lose your heart. What our experts believe is that if you analyze why the mobile applications fail and prevent those situations, you can increase the chances of your app success. So, are you ready for it?

If yes, then get on a ride to the top reasons why the mobile apps fail:

Top 6 Reasons Why a Mobile App Fail

Poor Market Research

Some people have locked their vision that their app idea is awesome. The market will welcome their application with open hands and their lockers will get overfilled with income. If you too think so, hold for a second.

“Don’t build castles in the air without acknowledging if your app idea is unique and valid in the market.”

The top-reputed app development firms shared that most of the applications fail because of poor market research. They are either already existing or there’s no market for them. So, the very first thing you need to do (even before searching for a mobile app developer) is to research in the market. Hunt for the answers to the following questions:

  • Check what your competitors are doing? What all features and services their apps are offering?
  • Are customers loving those features? Which feature do you think you can implement in your mobile application?
  • What are the trending apps in the Google Play store and Apple App Store related to your domain? What is so exciting about those apps?

On getting all this data in your hand, ask yourself if your app idea in. Will your application really help the users or you are making it just for the sake of entering into the mobile world? Are you still sure that you need to push this app idea in the market?

Hiring Cheaper Mobile App Development Company

Cost, no doubt, is a critical factor in the mobile app development. But, it’s not the prime factor to consider. If you seriously want to entertain the users with your exclusive services and keep them hooked to your brand, hire the best mobile app development company. An experienced app development agency will have a complete team of adept designers, developers, and testers who will provide you a fully-functional app solution. They will have exposure to the market and will help you to beat the challenges faced in the industry.

“Justifying your app idea is not enough to prevent app failure; the right execution also matters. So, hire the right professionals.”

Unpleasing User Experience

A compelling user experience is the need of the hour. If you dig deep into the data, you will come to know that the users are choosy and hate to pay a single minute on a poorly-executed, unattractive app. Therefore, think like users and stick to the things they wish to see in a mobile app.

“When building a mobile app, consider what the end users expect and want from your app.”

As per our experts, analyzing the failed apps can help you to recognize the silly UI/UX mistakes that can lower down the success rate of your app.

Too Many Features Implemented

You want to make the user’s life better by providing a myriad of options. This seems to be a great idea, but to add spice into this thing, we would love to disclose that this is again a reason behind the app failure. Yes, you read it right. According to a well-known mobile app development company, adding too many functions in your mobile application increases the risk of app failure. When a user lands on the homepage of your app and is provided with an enormous number of options, he will get confused where to begin from. Consequently, he might get frustrated and exit the app, for not returning earlier or ever. Hence, it is good to build a mobile app with a few ‘uniquely awesome’ options. Once the app gets huge traction, keep updating it with more features as per the need.

“Launching an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) instead of a mobile application is a great idea.”

Improper Testing

One of the most important phases of the mobile application development is Testing. However, it is mostly overlooked by many businesses in a hurry to launch their app earlier in the market. They turn their back to the fact that if the app isn’t tested properly, it will have bugs that can make the application prone to crashes. This, as a whole, can affect the user experience which means your app fails.

“A single crash can deter your path to deliver an exquisite experience to users and thus, affect your app success rate.”

The best app development agencies recommend testing the application thoroughly. So while looking for app developers, go with the one that performs different types of testings, including Alpha and Beta testing.

Weak Marketing Strategy

Taking a back seat on developing a mobile app thinking that the users will come to your app themselves is not a wise idea. The uprising competition clearly defines that if you do not market your mobile application in every possible way and direction, you won’t observe an expected response.

Begin the marketing from the very first day the idea hit your head. Go for ASO (App Store Optimization). Post blogs and create awareness. Perform all the activities meant helpful to take your application on the top of the market.

Wrapping Up!

Now, you have a complete checklist of the things you need to consider while developing your app. Just work with the right mobile app development company and launch a completely unique and impressive mobile application in the market.