How to Explain Your Vision for Your Next Project

Look, I know you’re brilliant. You’ve got some amazing ideas in that big, beautiful brain of yours. I can tell by the way you looked the other day.

You, the other day

But they don’t know you like I do. You’re gonna have to go out of your way to get them on board. The good news is, you can capture your overall vision for the upcoming project on one page. Then, you can walk through it at the kickoff meeting, and since it’s so short, you can even go over it again on a regular basis.

I use a format I borrowed from; they call it a V2MOM, which stands for vision, values, methods, obstacles, and measures. Here’s my most recent example.

Capturing these concepts in writing can have an outsized effect on buy-in. (I’ve even heard of some teams that have each person physically sign their charter at the bottom, like the Declaration of Independence.)

Amazon gets everyone on the same page with a fictitious press release that talks about how great the future product is and what it does. It’s a cool idea, but the idea of a press release doesn’t always resonate with people outside consumer products.

Point being, you can try other approaches; the format isn’t as important as the conversation it starts within your team. The key is to identify a “North Star” for your project, and have a moment when you clearly articulate to everyone what it is. Then, people can get begin figuring out how to get there.

Now get going, you genius. I know you can do it.