The Gap in Your Beautiful Enterprise Software Product

Often times, it feels like enterprise software has a gap when it comes to delivering the promised value all the way to the end user.

Mind the gap.

Though the effect can be large, the reason for it is simple: it’s easier to build extensibility and preferences into your app than to convince all your corporate customers to use the same process. If your app only lets customers accomplish a given task one way, your salespeople have to say “no” far too often. (And they hate that.)

Salesforce Helps Close the Gap

While other cloud platforms have their strengths, there’s still no comparison when it comes to which platform best helps vendors absorb the unique requirements large enterprises put on them. The Salesforce App Cloud includes a particularly robust set of tools to allow system integrators or IT teams to expand upon pre-packaged apps with custom workflows, reports, and even code.

Process Builder: just one of many gap-closing tools in the Salesforce App Cloud

This allows software vendors to stay focused on the domain-specific capabilities of their app, and avoid burning cycles on undifferentiated work. nCino is a particularly successful example of this; they’ve balanced the competing concerns well enough for Accenture to develop a practice around their product. It’s a lot easier to bootstrap such a thing if all the consultants with Salesforce skills can be brought to bear on your implementation.

So if you’d like the largest global system integrators to be a channel for your product, consider building on Salesforce.