Adding any Salesforce data to your documents and emails with Weaver

We talk about the newest update to Weaver that brings in the ability to create complex merge fields and advanced repeats to access data from distant and unrelated objects

Oct 3, 2019 · 4 min read

When we first built Weaver we built it with the aim to be able to design common documents and emails. For example you might want to send out a proposal using information from an Opportunity, adding the line item and product information to show to the customer.

With this in mind we designed Weaver to be able to access information on a “parent” record, any of the child records, and any of those children’s child records. For example you could have the information of a company, the employees that work there, and then information related to those employees.

An example of using Repeat Elements to access related child data

This worked great for most templates but as people have started to create more complex documents in Weaver we’ve had to up our game and our capabilities! The latest update to Weaver brings in a whole array of functionality aimed at accessing all sorts of data in Salesforce.

One of the common gripes we had with Weaver was the Merge Field section, where users can add in Salesforce Merge Fields, like “{!record.Name}” to get data off the record. We not only made this section larger, but grouped the fields by object and improved the search to make it easier to find the data you need.

It’s now super-easy to find the fields you need for your designs

This is okay if you want to get standard field information, but what about related objects via lookup fields?

Merge Field Builder

If you’ve created formulas in Salesforce you’ll be used to the idea of getting cross-object data, but in Weaver this wasn’t available.

Enter the Merge Field Builder.

Created complex related Merge Fields with ease in the Merge Field Builder!

The Merge Field Builder allows you to follow a relationship from one object to another, like when you insert fields in Salesforce’s formula builder. This means instead of just being limited to data on a Contact, you could get the Contact’s Owner’s Manager’s Account Name!

This can be done up to 5 levels deep, meaning you can suddenly access all sorts of data you couldn’t before without creating loads of formula fields.

In Weaver you can use Repeat Elements to repeat entire sections of your documents and emails for related child and grandchild objects. This makes it super easy to do stuff like show a table of invoices for a given customer.

The problem with this is that it’s quite limited in terms of what objects you can show data for, as they need to be related.

Now with the latest updates in Weaver you can turn off this limit, meaning you can repeat sections of your designs for ANY object!

By default only child objects are shown for Repeat Elements
Now you can pick any object in Salesforce to show in your document

This means that regardless of the “parent” object your template uses, you can show data from any other object in Salesforce.

With a 30 day free trial, you can try out Weaver and these new updates today with no commitment by installing it on the AppExchange.

We’d love to hear your feedback. We’re continuously improving Weaver every day — these features came directly from one of our customers and, as we think you’ll agree, completely change the game for Weaver.

If you a Salesforce partner and are interesting in partnering with us, get in touch! You can get some great benefits, including free licenses, extra licenses for your customers, and a commission-based reward scheme.

At Appitek, our aim is to help make your job easier, by creating simple but effective Salesforce applications that make you more efficient at what you do.

Appitek is a registered Salesforce ISV partner.
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We build innovative solutions for business, using the best of modern capabilities and technologies. Behind all that? The power of Salesforce.


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Multidisciplinary full stack developer, with a history in product & digital design. CTO at Appitek Ltd.



We build innovative solutions for business, using the best of modern capabilities and technologies. Behind all that? The power of Salesforce.

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