Restyler — create bespoke themes for Salesforce Lightning

Create custom themes with the on-platform Theme Builder, and apply them to all your users with one click

Oct 17, 2019 · 3 min read

Salesforce is an incredibly powerful platform, and a lot of that power comes from the fact that you can customise it to work exactly how you need it to. One thing that was lacking in this customisation, especially when Lightning was released, was the fact there was no way to change the look and feel.

Then Salesforce introduced Lightning Themes which was an extremely welcome addition, but still quite limited in the fact it only let you change a few colours — if you wanted more in-depth control of the user interface you still had to look elsewhere for third-party browser extensions.

But now, with the release of our latest app Restyler, you can create and design bespoke themes for Salesforce Lightning and apply them to your users without leaving the platform!

With Restyler comes with a built-in Theme Builder. This Theme Builder allows you to customise a whole range of things in Salesforce, from buttons and tables, headers and backgrounds. It even lets you change the font Salesforce uses using Google Fonts!

With the built-in Theme Builder you can customise Salesforce however you want

As you design your Themes, you can preview how they look on a whole bunch of different pages, from record details, to list views, and even reports & dashboards!

Preview your Theme on a whole host of Salesforce pages

As well as letting you create as many custom themes as you want, Restyler also comes with a whole host of “default” themes to help you get started, including a “Dark Mode” (something we’ve all been wanted for a long time!)

Apply a “Dark Mode” to your users out of the box!

These default themes can be used however you see fit, so you can tweak them to better suit your needs.

Give Salesforce’s UI a breath of fresh air with Restyler

Once you’ve created your themes, it’s easy enough to assign them to your users. From the Theme Builder you can assign Themes on a Profile and App basis, so you can have different teams using completely different themes!

Assign Themes on a Profile & App builder

The Theme itself is applied through a special Lightning Component you add into the Utility Bar of an App, which gets hidden as well so your users won’t even know the difference (except your amazing new themes of course!)

Restyler is currently in a free Beta, and you can install it into any org and create as many bespoke themes as you wish!

As we’re in Beta there may still be a few visual glitches (especially with the recent Winter ’20 release), but we’re constantly working on new updates. If you see anything looking funky while using Restyler please let us know through this form.

If you have any suggestions of how we could improve Restyler please contact us and let us know — we are continuously trying to improve our apps, and love to hear from the Salesforce community.

You can get in touch with us in the comments below, or through our feedback form.

At Appitek, our aim is to help make your job easier, by creating simple but effective Salesforce applications that make you more efficient at what you do.

Appitek is a registered Salesforce ISV partner.
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We build innovative solutions for business, using the best of modern capabilities and technologies. Behind all that? The power of Salesforce.


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Multidisciplinary full stack developer, with a history in product & digital design. CTO at Appitek Ltd.



We build innovative solutions for business, using the best of modern capabilities and technologies. Behind all that? The power of Salesforce.

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