Streamlining the Salesforce document process with the Weaver Wizard

We talk about the latest feature of Weaver which let’s you preview and edit your documents live before saving or emailing them out.

Aug 22, 2019 · 3 min read

Weaver, our on-platform document designer for Salesforce, has been publicly released for over a month now! As with all of our products, we’re constantly adding features based on the feedback of our customers.

In Weaver you can design all sorts of document and email templates and then generate them as PDF, Word, Email or Excel files with no extra effort! With dynamic rendering and Salesforce merge fields you can create all sorts of customised documents for your customers, but we wanted to take the personalisation even further — Enter the Weaver Wizard.

When you open up the Weaver Wizard, you’ll be able to see the Weaver template you’ve selected, rendered as the finished document using the record provided, so already you can see exactly what is going to be created.

Preview and edit your documents before saving them in the Weaver Wizard

You can then edit any sections of the document that your Admin has set up as “editable” when they designed the document in the Weaver Designer. Suddenly your Executive Summary document or On-boarding email can be personalised to say exactly what you want, without having to go back to the record in Salesforce and change some fields.

All Weaver templates can become an email with no extra effort so it goes without saying that you can preview your template as an email in the Weaver Wizard and set up all the details for sending the email including the Reply To address, To, CC, BCC addresses, and subject line!

The same template being previewed as an Email

Once you’ve set your To and From addresses, you can send the email then and there without leaving the page, and you can be confident that the preview you see is exactly what the recipient will get in their inbox.

To take this a step further, you can not only preview and edit your document in the Weaver Wizard, but you can then set it as an attachment to a Salesforce Email Template.

You can pick from any of your existing Salesforce Email Templates you already have, and you can edit the content of the email directly in the Weaver Wizard!

Send Weaver Documents as attachments to your Salesforce Emails

Like sending emails you can setup all the To and From address information, edit the default template subject line, and then once you are happy you can send the email and the attached document right from the Weaver Wizard.

With a 30 day free trial, you can try out Weaver and the new Weaver Wizard today with no commitment by installing it on the AppExchange.

If you a Salesforce partner and are interesting in partnering with us, get in touch! You can get some great benefits, including free licenses, extra licenses for your customers, and a commission-based reward scheme.

We’d love to hear your feedback. We’re continuously improving Weaver every day and the Weaver Wizard is just one example of the sort of thing we’ve added to Weaver based on the feedback of our customers and partners!

At Appitek, our aim is to help make your job easier, by creating simple but effective Salesforce applications that make you more efficient at what you do.

Appitek is a registered Salesforce ISV partner.
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We build innovative solutions for business, using the best of modern capabilities and technologies. Behind all that? The power of Salesforce.


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We build innovative solutions for business, using the best of modern capabilities and technologies. Behind all that? The power of Salesforce.

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