10 Movies/TV Series To Inspire Wanderlust

I’m sucker for a good movie/TV series, even more so for a good travel one, one that gives you inspiration and reignites your travel bug! So I’ve spent some serious time researching (some call it lazy…) watching these flicks to give you my ultimate list! Enjoy!

Seven Years in Tibet

HOLY S**T!!! This movie blew me away, I only watched it the other day for the first time, and I was ready to pack up my bags and get going straight after it, this truly made me want to experience another adventure. It’s a true story set in the days of WWII and features and EPIC story about how one obnoxious mountaineer, Heinrich Harrer, who ends up changing his outlook on life, and those around him help him realise what really matters. By the way that’s just a taster of it, it’s so frickin’ good! Also if you’re a Brad Pitt fan then give it a watch too.

Into The Wild

A strong emotive tale, a real story from life experiences of Christopher McCandless. Ever feel like you need that kick-up the ass to escape, then this is the movie to watch. It struck chords with me that I could relate to, and whilst watching made me miss every aspect of travelling, it makes you think about modern day society vs living in nature. It makes you question — do we need to be bombarded with advertising? How important is money? Why don’t we live off the earth instead of processed foods? It has a lot of hype around it and rightly so, certainly a travel MUST!

Idiot Abroad

Ever thought what it’d be like seeing Homer Simpson extensively travel the world? Well watch this! As Karl Pilkington, the real life Homer Simpson, finds himself getting stitched up along his journeys by comediansRicky Gervais and Steve Merchant. This is actually some quality TV because he lives the dream that all travellers want, however he sees a perfect life in being at home with a cup of tea in-front of the TV, not travel! It really does make you get a stitch from laughing at times, it’s an explicitly, rugged, laughing-filled David Attenborough travel series in my opinion.

A Map For Saturday

Every wanted to actually look into someone’s life who literally has upped and left their job and just hit the road for a long time? This movie just does that, Brook Silva-Braga who directs and stars in this shows us his journey from working in a great job to living life to the fullest… really is an inspirational movie and gives you a perfect insight into travelling, from meeting people to hostelling, and more.

Lord of The Rings Trilogy

Most people in the world have watched this EPIC movie series, and if you haven’t you have to, and if you have, watch it again! It’s certainly one to spur the urge for travel, obviously you do have to realise that you won’t have the one ring to rule them all on your travels, but definitely highlights the spirit of companionship which you find whilst travelling!

The Way

I’d say this is like the Lord of The Rings minus swords and evil monsters, it’s a lump in the throat type of movie, as one man late in his life decides to take on the ‘El camino de Santiago’ trail from France to Spain, it used to be a pilgrimage trail and many people still go on this route for that very purpose. The great thing that I take from this is that age is simply a number and if everyone else thinks you’re crazy, then good! Prove them wrong!

Long Way Round

This is just awesome! Great series following the lovable Ewan McGregor and his best friend Charlie Boorman taking on a childhood dream of theirs, travelling the world, on motorbikes! Both are avid motorbike enthusiasts and they perfectly rebound off each other to make this documentary that extra special, with them travelling dangerous routes in Kazakhstan, Russia, Alaska and so much more, it makes for an entertaining watch!


A slower paced travel movie, but one that still leaves me in awe, in amazement and disbelief. It’s a story of one lady who sets out onto a 1,700-mile trek across the west Australian deserts, if this doesn't amaze you she did it with her dog. That’s not the only animal as well, she ended up training camels to help her along the way. The events that occur are insane, heartbreaking as well as heart warming, I must also add that this is a true story, all about Robyn Davidson.


A recent travel movie, one that took a while to fully appreciate it but one that I do. A woman (Reece Witherspoon) that has many issues in her life, from family to her relationship and has a somewhat meltdown decides to travel. This woman takes on the 1,100-mile Pacific Crest Trail trek, and she passes the jubilations of travel as well as the reality of being a solo-female traveller. A compelling movie that I actually ended up liking… a lot! Once again a true story, females kick butt at inspiring movies to be made of their travels!

Touching The Void

A documentary type film all about a true event, a legendary event, where two mountaineers took on Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes, a task that no one has ever accomplished! The story talk about everything that happened with actors doing a re-enactment of it all, in honesty I was glued to this, worried about what was going to happen as something tragic had to happen if they made a movie out of it! It’s certainly one of the greatest travel movies out there, one certainly worth watching.

If you enjoyed this list, and have any personal favourites that aren't listed then leave a comment! I also have a Top 35 Travel Quotes’ page that could add even more inspiration!