17 Original Movie Loglines

By Steve McCarthy

A collection of example logline ideas to inspire the next generation of screenwriters and moviemakers.

Why the loglines?
This blog is a creative experiment developed by Motion Brothers and aimed at stimulating the UK film industry by offering up ‘original’ loglines for further script development.

What’s a logline?
A summary of a story in one sentence (ok, sometimes two).

Can I use these loglines for my own scripts?
Of course! Take them, mould them, and make them your own. We look forward to seeing them on the big screen soon! (Images are copyright property of Lyall McCarthy).

I have a logline. Is it any good?
We’re not experts, but we know people who are. Check out Industrial Scripts. They offer logline analysis services that can help you assess quality and potential before you start writing any scripts.

The Disclaimer
Although the authors of this blog have watched many, many, films, they are astutely aware that no idea is wholly original. As such it is possible that some of the loglines outlined here may share similarities with existing films/plays/novels/other narrative types or scripts currently in development. The intention of the authors is to at all times attempt to be unique and — more importantly — to inspire. They take no responsibility for any coincidental comparisons that may be drawn with existing works.

Images are copyright property of Lyall McCarthy. Loglines written by Steve McCarthy.

#1 Nine Meals

When England’s fuel supply suddenly runs out, an army recruit has 3 days to reach his pregnant wife before anarchy envelops the country.

#2 Order of Events

A rookie detective investigating the murder of a discredited physicist begins to suspect that she might be the one responsible for his death, and must uncover the truth before her wayward partner.

#3 Bunker

The social order of a group of misfit kids is put under strain following the discovery of an old war bunker and its armory in the woods behind their home.

#4 Ahead of the Game

When a hapless gambler is given the power of endless good fortune by his dying father, he soon comes to realise that there’s more to life than winning.

#5 Sleight of Mind

The friendship of two ambitious street magicians, a hypnotist and an illusionist, is pushed to the limits when they both fall in love with their alluring and carefree apprentice.

#6 The Sandman

A woman suffering from a rare sleep condition is forced to live out two very different lives, one of which is a dream. But everything changes when she meets a man with the same condition.

#7 Hitched

When two feuding Account Managers lose their company’s biggest account they are left without jobs, money and a way back home from Russia. Instead the two must put aside their differences and work together as they hitch-hike their way across Europe.

#8 Continue? 10, 9, 8..

A lonely game designer begins to suspect the world around him is virtual, but the only way to know for sure is to take a leap of faith and kill himself.

#9 Rubik

A humble Hungarian sculptor becomes the first self-made millionaire from the communist block when he invents the world’s most famous toy.

#10 Clout

In a future where reputation has replaced money as the world’s primary currency, a cryogenically frozen billionaire wakes to discover his amassed wealth is worthless.

#11 Fortune Favours

An unlikely lottery winner struggles to conceal her new-found wealth as she tests the strength of complicated relationships with her family, friends and the man she thinks she loves.

#12 Yellowstone

When Yellowstone super volcano erupts, the skies are turned black with ash and average global temperatures fall — changing life on earth forever. 10 years later a father is told his only child has a terminal illness and the two embark on a quest to find a clearing in the skies and one last glimpse of the sun.

#13 Marv’s World

A lonely astronaut begins to suspect that he’s part of an elaborate game show when he makes contact with a female contestant in a neighbouring space station.

#14 Tag

A homeless street artist is given a new lease of life when his latest graffiti piece — a curious white rabbit — magically comes to life and demands a tour of the city.

#15 Warning Parental Advisory

The lead singer of an up-and-coming band tries to impress his confident and beguiling manager by blowing the budget of their music video on the ultimate celebrity party; left penniless the band are forced to shoot the video themselves or face losing everything.

#16 New Class

A youth offender gets a second chance when he is adopted by an upper class family and enrolled at a prestigious boarding school, only to discover his teachers are corrupt and he is the only one who can bring them to justice.

#17 Zoombies

A zookeeper on the verge of retirement and his apathetic apprentice fight to contain a virus outbreak that has turned all the animals at a city zoo into flesh eating monsters.

Originally published at www.motionbrothers.co.uk.