A Flying Jatt Movie Review

Movie — A Flying Jatt (Action/Fantasy/Romantic/Comedy)
Cast: Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Amrita Singh, Gaurav Pandey, Nathan Jones, K.K.Menon & Shraddha Kapoor.
Behind the scenes: Remo D’Souza, Ekta Kapoor & Shobha Kapoor.
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Language: Hindi

Aman fears of heights, dogs and industrialist Malhotra who sends merciless Raka to grab Aman’s land — but what happens when Aman discovers his own superhero powers? Can he defeat Raka- and the power behind

This is not like that Tiger Shroff whom we saw in Baaghi but is very impressive and likable. It is nice to see Tiger for trying different type of roles in his every new movie or music singles. In Heropanti he was shown as a show off and attitude type of guy, where as in Baaghi he was a rebellion and played an intense and serious role or be it the sweet romantic one sided lover in the song “Chal Wahan Jaate Hai” , a free living enjoyable boy in “Aaa Raha Hoon Main Zindagi”, or the befikra serial kisser in the song “Befikra” to this superhero flick he has done it all very tremendously and is commendable.

The story starts with our supporting villain (yes, you heard it right! “Supporting Villain”), K.K.Menon as Malhotra with his “showing off his money dialogue”. Then goes on to our scared, tensed and tortured superhero Tiger Shroff as Aman Dhillon. But Tiger is not a superhero from the begaining but don’t worry he will become the savior before the interval so just, relax!!! Tiger is shown as a very un confident person who teaches martial arts in a school where none of his students take him seriously, secretly loves a girl, Kirti (played by Jacqueline Fernandez) but fears to tell her this thing, hates to were a pagdi or turban because of the sardar jokes which people relate to him, have a fear of heights but can take a girl for a “fly date”??? Interesting!!! Doesn't like to hear his father’s epic “Flying Jatt” story and the most important, is most scared from his mother. Mrs. Dhillon (Amrita Singh) as Aman’s mother is just awesome and funny. His Bebe can go out of control after having her “2 peg”. Nathan Jones the actual villain of the movie is awesome in his villainous look and wrestling fights. He is not much pressurized to talk in Hindi. But he made Bebe get some English classes to understand his saying and giving back a power packed bunch of dialogues, hats off to Bebe. Raka (Nathan Jones) likes to take in pollution and toxic waste as his food (weird! but that is how the villain keeps himself alive.). In short Raka is a puppet of Malhotra, eats waste and pollution and has a craze of sunglasses. COOL!!! (Just lime me… ;) ) Then another important character of the movie who also helped in saving our superhero many times and is also a funny member in the Dhillon/ Jatt family, the hero’s brother played nicely by Gaurav Pandey. Rohan (Gaurav) is the who suffered the most in this film, he helped his brother by getting hit during his brother’s training lessons, and by receiving slaps and complains from his mother. And every time he wore his “Veere’s” superhero dress, he end’s in getting himself in some kind of trouble. Which is why he is a delight to watch too. Jacqueline as Kirti is a crazy personality on the other hand who greets a person by giving him/her some punches rather than saying a simple and sweet “hello”. She is a teacher, but still doesn't gives the teacher look by her silly question and answers, by her way of greeting people and by her mind blowing wittiness (I mean the stupid wittiness), for an example, a scene in which Tiger was hurt very hard and instead calling for a doctor she agreed on listening a musical lesson on an advice form her fellow teacher who is also in love with her. Isn't this weird and a stupid wittiness.

So overall, Tiger is a desi funny superhero, Amrita Singh as Bebe is very impact full and interesting, Jacqueline is pretty and stupid, Nathan is spooky and full on Australian, K.K.Menon is a show offer, self obsessed and a loving father too, and Tiger’s big bro (Gaurav Pandey) is funny and caring. There are some scenes which will be very delightful to see like Aman’s entry, Bebe’s “2 peg” sense of humor, Raka’s terrifying entry, Jacqueline's weirdness, big bros comic times and awesome dance by our very own”Flying Jatt”. And for the Shraddha Kapoor fans, Shraddha has done a cameo role in this film as herself. She is here to add some comic chapter in the Jatt’s love story. She was there for mere 3 to 4 minutes but made an impact on the viewers very nicely. You will also get to see some X-Men stuff done by Tiger which is very innovative and interesting. But my favorite scene was when Tiger turned into Sunny Leone, you will get to see a very funny and a bit of lust side of Tiger… 
Besides this, the movie also gives the message of saving the environment and our planet Earth. It say’s us that we should plant more trees to save our planet and our “Flying Jatt” too (trust me, I am not joking. Just see the movie you will understand it yourself ;) ). The movie also tell’s us that in the sake of our own leisure and comfort we even polluted the space too, that is how our Raka got some food in the space (believe me, I was too in a state of shock when I saw that actually, i was not shocked , i was laughing out loud. You can understand that if you will see the movie and if you didn’t then you can just ask me.).

And you should see the bloopers of the movie, shown in the end. It would be a delight to see the hard work and movie setup by the crew cast of the film.
So I would give the movie 3/5 flying stars. 4 flying stars for the action, 3 stars for the dialogues, 4 and a 1/2 shooting stars (toot ta tara ) for it’s magical music, 3 stars for the story, 5/5 for the dance, 4 stars for direction and 3 and a 1/2 stars for acting. Overall a good movie with a combo package of action, romance, comedy and si -fi stuff. A good and impact full movie for children.



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