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Letter sent on Dec 3, 2017

Applaudience ❤ GO2CINEMA

Dear all,

First of all, we have just hit 1366 subscribers. The Applaudience publication continues to grow and to publish new authors every day. Thank you for contributing articles, writing comments and being part of the Applaudience community.

I have a big favour to ask. I need you to write an article or otherwise help me to get the word out about GO2CINEMA.

Find movie times and buy cinema tickets. Fast, simple and secure.

If this is the first time you are hearing about https://go2cinema.com/ – it is a cinema ticket discovery service. Think about it as Momondo, Skyscanner or Google Flights of the cinema industry. GO2CINEMA allows people to discover the cheapest cinema tickets, the largest auditoriums, the largest cinema screens and the most comfortable seats. Whatever is your criteria for finding a cinema ticket – we’ve got it!

GO2CINEMA is part of Applaudience. Currently GO2CINEMA is only functioning in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. I am raising venture capital to continue development of the GO2CINEMA project (expand across Europe and US, enable ticket booking). Investors want to see that people find the service interesting and useful. I need your help to create PR buzz.

We have genuinely awesome features…

Ticket price, seat count and showtime filter.
Event attribute filter (3D, 35MM, open captioned, etc.)
Ability to view auditorium utilisation at a glance.

GO2CINEMA assists with the discovery of the cinema for people with special needs (wheelchair accessible, autism friendly, audio described, etc.) as well as otherwise unique screenings (screenings for babies, screenings for 18+, etc.) We are adding a special category for live events and event cinema screenings.

GO2CINEMA uses a unique design that allows discovery of the showtimes for all movies, across many venues with little to no interaction – just scroll.

Scrolling through the main page will reveal all the information about movies, showtimes, ticket cost and screening attributes.

If there is a feature you are missing – email me.

Meanwhile – I really, really, really need your help to get the message out. If you find the topic of learning from the travel industry to improve cinema discovery interesting, help me by writing an article. I am happy to take your questions if you’d like to interview me. If you have other thoughts how to get the word out – email me.

You can contact me at gajus@applaudience.com.

By the way, I am personally curating GO2CINEMA Instagram. It has a lot of interesting behind the scenes footage of film making. I think you will find it interesting!

Thank you!