Are Harley Quinn and Joker “Relationship Goals”?

So a lot of people have been vocal about Suicide Squad’s dynamic duo, Harley Quinn and Joker. It has become this controversial debate whether they are “#relationshipgoals” and as a huge fan of these two, I am here to #breakitdown.

To say something about myself, I have been a huge fan of the original Batman television series from 1965, since I was very young (I would say around five). I used to wake up on Saturday mornings and rush downstairs to see what the animated characters would do today on the WB Kids channel. Nowadays you can find me on Instagram as the host of a Suicide Squad fan page account; so what I am trying to say is I am a pretty huge fan of these two.

Let’s get to the gossip though and answer, “are Harley Quinn and Joker relationship goals?”. My answer will be determined by you, the readers, because here’s the breakdown of it all.

There are two sides of the story that I will be going through today, “NO! They are absolutely not #relationshipgoals!” and “ASDFGKFUFL YAS THEY ARE #relationshipgoals!”.

Side A: Many people don’t think they are a good couple because the only thing that the joker does is abuse Harley Quinn. She will do something to harm Batman and protect her Puddin’ and what does she get back? A slap in the face, literally. The example I have just given was from the episode of “Batman: The Animated Series” called “Mad Love”.

The abuse in The Animated Series just didn’t cut it. Ever since then in the comics and all Harley Quinn would try her best to make everything right with The Joker, and he just wouldn’t budge. However, it did work in Suicide Squad.

Side B: When it was announced that Suicide Squad will show Joker’s soft side, many people freaked out. Fans of the original Joker and Harley were aggravated at the fact that Joker was okay with Harley now. When the movie was released fans were captivated by their, well, their mad love.In Suicide Squad we find that Joker saves Harley a couple of times and the world went beserk.

Let me tell you something though; yes, the relationship is abusive, but we are in a different generation now. In The Animated Series it was hard for Dr. Harleen Quinzel to stay away because she felt alive when it came to Mistah J; she felt alive when she was with him and she wanted that world of danger and power. It made her the character we all know and love today. In Suicide Squad we see the connection that brought them together in a different way then ever before.

The Chemical Wedding, a replica of what happened to Joker (as you would see in The Killing Joke) but it was a way to get rid of her. For the mysterious con-man we all love so much to go in and save her from her potential death, it shows the better side of him. He walked away, but then went back after her to help her. Another example would be in the club; when Harley is dancing on other men, Joker looks at her with a sense of jealousy, a feeling in which he probably hasn’t felt in a LONG time. There are so many other examples between the two of them as well. Here’s a clip from the Chemical Wedding scene:

So from what I have said about these fictional characters, which side are you on? I am personally on side B due to all the evidence of Mad Love in Suicide Squad, and even in the comic books.

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