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Blood Father

Blood Father was a film that should have definitely gotten more time giving to play in theaters, because it is absolutely a great action, drama film. Blood Father is about a man who has seen enough trouble in his life, wife left him and daughter who ended up missing, and he never gave up looking for his daughter until she showed up out of nowhere. The film overall has about six scenes, introducing the main character and from there it took off with the drama and action of the story, movie is about an hour and half but you get suck right into the story from the very beginning. Mel Gibson as always did an incredible job, you feel for him what the character is going through, through out the whole film. This film would be a lot like a sequel to “Payback” film, Mel Gibson did in 1999, the same type of film that you will be cheering for the bad guy to win. Good casting, William H. Macy, Diego Luna, and Richard Cabral who ironically is in the current television show “Lethal Weapon”. Overall, great film that did not get enough screen time, and it is definitely a movie to own!

I rate this movie: Fucking Great!

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