Aliens vs. Human Collective Action


We work longer. Get paid less. And we are less happy.

Historic floods in Texas.

Historic droughts in California.

25+ years all coral reefs are expected to be dead AND more plastic in the oceans than fish.

15 years the lion king and elephants will be extinct.

Corporate greed growing yearly.

Politics more extreme daily.

WTF!!!! Pitch forks anybody????

Our planet is in peril — but collective action can change everything. I believe it is our destiny to bring people together over these massive threats, and actually I think it can be fun.

After watching films that had me concerned with the Greenhouse Effect, I wanted to do something but realized my single voice was not enough to influence such a large problem. Since it was films and the Greenhouse Effect that inspired me, I created

I believe we must organize our influence where it is rewarding and effective.

To change the world we must collectively influence Non-profits, Government, and Business.

Think of influence as a vote: We vote when we buy a product. When we donate to a non-profit. When we go to the ballot box.

If we have created apps to crush candy, throw angry birds, and push for pizza, why can’t we create something for a new way to take collective action in a crowdfunding world?

The next big online product is not just what is the next cool idea — but the timing now demands the next cool & meaningful innovation.

Timing is all about what technology can do and what society demands. Too early or too late and the product doesn’t get traction. With all of these social problems mentioned, will we demand pitch forks or something new and exciting?

The “timing” of books illustrates a quick evolution of demands

Today we consume the film medium differently as well. Not on a Blockbuster VHS, or DVD, but now online. The problem remains, there are millions of people inspired by films everyday — but they don’t know what to do, where to go, or how to influence change after seeing them.

FHE’s belief is the timing is right to allow films to inspire collective meaningful action.

Mockup of our app that is fun, entertaining, and engaging to empower meaningful action

July brings Independence day, but also’s soft launch. Sign up. Stay Tuned! We humans can do big things together, even stop an alien invasion ;)

See the Magic of Moviegoing!!

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