The First Step Is Always the Hardest.

February 1, 2015 is when I started writing my first script. I wrote a pilot. Don’t know why really. Just wanted to do it. By May, I’d written 2 scenes that had been filmed. March I wrote another pilot. Took off work for 2 days cause I was “sick” but I was determined. My partner in crime James said “No one writes a pilot in 2 days!” But I did. Wasn’t good, but it was my first time. For a fellowship application. Didn’t get it. Thought the world was over, LOL.

But I kept going.

My friend Hope gave me a Groupon to an online feature screenwriting class. Did that. Wrote a bunch more.

Got the idea for Life Event. It started off as something with a white girl, lol. Then, conversations with friends about relationships, turning older, and “ain’t shit” people in your life morphed the idea into what it became — a short film that features 2 Black men in the lead roles.

Decided that while I was writing it, I could see it in my head. So I decided that not only would I make it, but I would direct it (because, yeah I’d done that before!). LOL, right!?

We shot the short in one day in August, 2015.

By October, it was done. By December, we’d submitted for a few festivals.

Social media flyer for “Life Event” by R. Michael Thomas

Here we are now, and my short film LIFE EVENT has been accepted into 2 film festivals, we’ve signed 2 distribution deals (Internet and VOD), I’m putting out a companion soundtrack with the film in June upon its release, I’m pitching show ideas to real people in the industry, and circling a few projects that I’ll either write, direct or produce.

I don’t know how I got here, but I’m grateful to be here, and I hope y’all let me stay.

Despite the fact that May & June are tough months for me (with my parents passing a month apart in 2014), I’m so grateful to the Universe for at least keeping me busy!

I’m also grateful because I don’t take it lightly that so far, no one has seemed to hate my short. LOL! Everyone has seemed to genuinely like it. Words can’t express how that was my biggest fear going into all of this.

As I prepare myself for it to go live next month on YouTube on a channel that has about 250k subscribers, I’m still a little nervous. I’ve been that Internet troll back in my heyday. Overall, I hope it positively affects someone’s life and encourages them to get up off their asses and take care of themselves.

I know I’m new here but…

I can’t wait to make more things for y’all.