[Story] Duel Of The West

(With thanks to Rene Lavand and Roland Chirico)

Legend has it in the Wild West, on a peculiar night, thick with uncertainty, a duel was destined between two Lone Wanderers. The first was a Gun; the second a Pack of Playing Cards. In reality between a Gunslinger from the Wild West and a Gambler.

The Gunslinger, knowing that he could not offered enemies in life, confronted the Gambler and said, “They call me the fastest gun alive! So fast that I can shoot ya ya can even draw your gun; and I’ll even land the last bullet right where your heart is….if I wanted ya dead. People say you outwitted death when he came for y’life…but my question is: can ya outwit me?”

And the Gambler, ever so cooly responded, “I don’t play gamble with my life, my friend. I love it too much! To me this Life is the game. Besides…I only play for keeps! But tonight is a special occassion. How about we change the four bullets of your Gun to my four Aces?”

Placing the Aces at the bottom of the deck, the Gambler continued, “Here is my proposition: if you can detect whenever I deal these four aces from the bottom of this deck, then on this night I will relinquish my gambling life forever; but if you cannot detect it then it is you who relinquishes your life: the way of the Gun. Do you agree to my terms?”

So the gambler, ever so slowly, started dealing cards from the top in this fashion.

“Hold it!” said Gunslinger. “I saw what you did”

And the Gambler, with equal passion, responded, “It’s been of no use that you saw me dealing that Ace from the bottom. Why? Because you’ve already suffered three bullets of my own!”

The Gambler continues, “Perhaps this game had made you nervous, my friend. I understand. But the cards do not lie, and you have lost your livelihood as a gunman to this game tonight; a game that you signed with your own signature…”

And so legend has it that in this way the duel was settled between the two Lone Wanderers; the Gunslinger and the Gambler.

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