Every Bruce Banner needs a Betty Ross

In an ever evolving world where every man has an inner beast/Mon. There has to be a Betty Ross to still the rage. Who is this goddamn Betty that can do this?

According to the comics (awon Stan Lee), Betty Ross is a scientist just that like Bruce that has worked with him, grew fond of him and fell in love with him. Always stood by him through thick and thin. She was virtually the Hulk’s subconscious in human form. A form of reality check or “call to action” which always reminds Hulk (Bruce Banner haff run inside by now) who he really is amidst the Chaos. . She loved him as a scientist and even more and harder as a Monster or outrageous Beast. Betty always went the extra mile for Bruce, trying to locate him when his rage got the best of him and took him places. Betty was saw through the rage and spoke to the Bruce in the Hulk. Her Father is a “General” in the US Army (a big deal!!) who like Bruce has a touch of madness (junior brother of a Beast) obsessed with Power but was subtle when it comes to Betty (its natural na woman) Both men in her life exacted physical power but she had a psychological advantage over them.

Bruce “F****g” Banner, the dude is a god is some universe somewhere; that’s the Hulk duo but I’m sure you already know that (so much for comics). Well, he’s a genius scientist working with the Army in the enhancement of soldiers using Gama (the kini that makes him green sha) and will know the rest of the story… He was in a “happy place” doing his job and met Betty, someone of his intellect, someone who complemented his short comings and picks up where ever he left off in his trail of thoughts on any aspects on the job. (Life was good!!)

But one day everything changed while doing well (saving the dude that led to him becoming the Hulk). A blessing in disguise if you ask me! (But I no be Omawunmi). He was always in pain, rage and scared (Na General Ross cause am). The agonizing contraction of every bone in his body painfully readjusting every time the Hulk comes out is enough to make one go berserk!! Not to talk of the nuisances that taunts or aggravate him to “loose his cool” (what a shame!) A man of many talents, on the run has made him a light traveler, ability to blend into the environment and most especially a bilingual man.

As farther away he went so also did Betty Ross try her possible means to find him cos boy! He’s a hard man to track cos of his size (when Bros H isn’t out wandering the street) and whenever they meet again it’s like love at first sight. She tries to catch up on lost ground, treat him like a human, and tend to his wounds obviously and for once everything makes sense and they’re at peace. He could be Bruce again living life and have someone to share and understand who he truly is underneath the chaos.

You truly never know your capabilities except when our backs are against the wall. This happened to Hulk (very normal stuffs*falz voice*) when he was backed up by the Abomination against a wall crumbling some trash shit about his “power” and what not, but some few metres from him was Betty struggling to get out of a chopper about to consumed by fire as the sprinkling drops of fuel poured swiftly and for a split sec he has to choose to remain pinned down or risk losing his soul cos damn Betty was!!. Most definitely the Bruce dint want that and responded by amazingly breaking loose from Abomination, already the fuel has ignited fire spreading swiftly and with the legendary “Hulk Clap” (it literally can wake the dead… lol) the fire instantly receded and Betty was save. This literally speaking was one of my finest moments of shire will and strength of a Man/Beast/Monster to save the woman he loves.

You can say she’s just a woman and can find another. Betty F***g Ross wasn’t just any woman but was his sanity or better still a reality check. Men, we know it’s a war zone out there but ask yourself today is she worth it?

“Just trying to make sense of it all”.