Everything I Watched on Netflix in 2015

2015 was a weird year. I dated (didn’t fall in love), I went to India (it wasn’t life-changing), I left my job after 5 years (it was time), I left Brooklyn after 8 years (it was DEFINITELY time), I turned 32 (doesn’t feel like anything) and I moved to Mexico City (I like it).

Of all these things, the one that sits with me the most is the amount of films and TV shows I watched on Netflix in 2015. What I chose to watch on Netflix reveals more about my personal experience in 2015 than anything else I have to show.

It’s funny what you learn about yourself by what you choose to watch.

Why did I watch so many rom-coms? Am I now “that guy who binge watches Frasier”? Or, did I just have trouble falling asleep? (Or, both?) How is it possible to watch 5–8 movies in a day? (It’s called ‘being hungover.’)

I could go on-and-on, but instead I’ll just present the entire list, in reverse chronological order, with links to watch everything (that is still available to view) on Netflix.

If you want to see everything you watched on Netflix this year, click here.

Everything I Watched on Netflix in 2015 (reverse chronological order)

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