Hidden Figures

If you enjoy history films, you are going to love Hidden Figures. Stories like this, that have either been kept a secret, or been ignored until they finally come out into the light. When that happens, its just a wonderful moment. Hidden Figures focused on three specific women who were at the center of the race to space. Their highly intellectual African American women during the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement, trying to overcome the race barrier for a better opportunity, for the job they were born to do. Fantastic film! Great casting all around, the story was just incredible, part of not just African American history, but American history and NASA history. Its not just the impact the three individuals had, but there was a whole group of highly intellectual African American women working at NASA. Finally getting to see that and to learn about it, it is just fantastic. Hopefully Hidden Figures will help shine on other stories like this one, to reeducate the world. Overall, It’s a must see film!

I rate this movie: Fucking Amazing!

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