Honestly @zack snyder!

Of many things I hate in this world, openly semi-pessimist, you topped my list recently. You were one of the my three ideal celebrities.

While, I understand that medium is not appropriate medium, ironically, to express my disgust for your trailers, I like mediums simplicity, so here I rant.

I loved every concept you bought into life (existence). 300, Watchmen, Legend of the Guardians, Sucker Punch, Man of Steel, every one of them was a story to learn, inspire, celestial and what not!. You interweaved Batman and Superman into a beautiful, delightful duel, making millions of Superpower believers and minions feel the blood gushing in our viens again after decades. And then came your trailers, nose bleeds of disappointment! And just like that, the two gods (BM and SM) were gone. Poof!


I hate the fact that you (or someone working with you!) show us (audience) an entire movie in a bloody trailer rendering the movie non-challant. It looses its spices and tastes like dry Jamaican chicken. I mean honestly, do you think there is any person who cannot predict your entire story from your trailer?

When you first introduced the concept of Batman (for humanity and ego reasons) vs Superman (finding himself reasons), although, the concept itself was very existent for decades, I started plotting how I would have introduced them myself: During the revenge fight between Zod and Superman in Metropolis, a building (amongst many) is destroyed, and guess the building, Wayne Foundation. But, Superman protects a small girl from the collapsing wayne foundation, brings her to the ground and returns to fight Zod. Bruce Wayne (in my imagination, Christian Bale) just enters the scene and finds the small girl helpless and blames Superman for this orphaned child. Hence he develops hatred towards Superman fearing a world holocaust. Never will Batman be seen in the movie (Man of Steel) until the end (post end-credits, for the super-hero-lovers like myself who stay). At the end, Humans, rescued by Superman, honor him with a statue inauguration (covered by a cloth), unaware of the painted symbol “False god!” on the statue with courtesy of Batman. In a far of dump land full of waste and dirt, in between heavy rain the two gods observe their mutual hatred for other: Superman in the air, Batman with glowing glare eyes on the ground asking the best dialogue in my entire life

Tell me! Do you BLEED? YOU WILL!

I will definitely note (~50 years from now) my whole list of best dialogues/lines I have heard in my life (including real life) and even then I’m not sure if anything will top this line. The fierceness, strength, hatred, the real power of almost feared “ANGER” (Haki), in such few words. Its just out of this world. If you don’t believe me try chanting this out-loud after exercising more than 30 mins on a treadmill: gives you an innate power to push for 5 more mins.

Getting back to how you ruined it!

Lets have a look at your first trailer.

First trailer for Batman V Superman

Introducing Batman with philosophical point about rage and powerless-ness, you gave us a reason why Batman hates Superman. But who will win, or how they fight is a MYSTERY. A different story from the usual, villain vs protagonist, which anyone elder than 13 years can guess that villain will be defeated eventually, and to the surprise, even now so many more movies are made on the same base line. Though, logically, Superman can kill Batman easily its still a tug of war because Superman is not inherently negative. The suspense was still alive.

Here comes the second trailer. Ah boy!

Second Trailer for Batman V Superman

Introduced Lex (Luthor) who for his greedy wishes, initiates or utilizes rivalry between the gods. Spoiler Alert! There is a bad guy in the movie and he is the real cause of the disturbance. Basically, you acknowledge that you have no more creativity and so you give up. Tell me, is there any point of Batman vs Superman anymore? Its just a stunt for the movie, isn’t it?

More spoilers! Lex brings back or animates Zod! More bad guys in the movie whom, clearly, Batman will unite with Superman to defeat. Not just that, Lex creates another super being, which in concept looks copied from “Deadpool” from XMen-Wolverine.

The worst for me was when you introduced Wonder Woman! You couldn’t have kept this a secret? There is no reason whatsoever to show her in a trailer. Also you showed that Batman and Superman somehow resolved the duel and are now pals. Its like watching the end of a typical movie except in a trailer. Also,

You took life out of possibly the most epic battle, Batman Vs Superman

I’m sorry, but I’m terribly disappointed.

The next trailer!

As the above thumbnail depicts, Batman blocks Superman’s punch! My guess is Batman has some Kryptonite on his armor. You clearly showed your directional and camera-photography skills in this trailer. Hence proving my point that the movie will have nothing new.

The only remaining suspense in the movie is

  1. Lex brought back Zod? Or did he re-animate?
  2. What are the fights like?
  3. How does Batman conceal Kryptonite on his armor

The only non-seen-in-trailer thing in the movie will the actual fights.

Let there be a hint of suspense in our boring and tedious lives. Let the thrill from a mystery live and demystify at the right moment.

I’m not saying that making a movie or even deriving an idea for a movie is easy, but don’t destroy a great idea.

If you really don’t know what to do with your great ideas, please, humbly, down to earth, request you to pass them on to Christopher Nolan or Guy Ritchie, but please don’t destroy them with your trailers.


A Super Hero Fan

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