How 80’s Movies Changed My Life

The 1980’s were a historic time in movie making history. Some of the best movies ever released were from this era. While mainly exploring the crazy adventures of high school students, the eighties also took us through bone-chilling horror films, creepy David Bowie cameos (RIP), bad special effects, and lots of lip movements out of sync with actors voices. Despite the lack of technology, 80’s movies have a special place in my heart, and the events that have occurred throughout my life which have shaped me as a person.

This gif represents the very first eighties movie I had ever seen. “The Goonies,” an iconic tale about a group of friends on a journey to find a hidden pirates treasure in order to save their homes from being foreclosed. When I was five, my dad would sit us down in front of the tv and play this movie over and over, I must’ve watched it five times a day. The adventure these kids got to experience ignited a spark inside me. Every day I would try and plan a treasure hunt for myself around the neighborhood. I’d gather all my friends and we’d all go searching. This movie gave me a sense of adventure, after the first time I watched it, I felt a change in myself.

As the years went on I ventured deeper into the realm of eighties movies, and I discovered “The Neverending Story.” In elementary school I didn’t have many friends. I don’t think anyone really has “friends” in elementary school, but I always felt like I had a little less than normal. When I didn’t have friends to help keep my adventurous streak alive, I decided to live vicariously through other people’s adventures. They were mainly fictional, but I was always intrigued. This movie happened to be my favorite, because as a child these extremely cringe worthy 90 minutes are actually an exciting tale, but the one thing I actually got most from this movie was that the best way to embark on a fun journey is through a book. As nerdy as it sounds, this movie helped develop my love for reading and all through elementary school I read tons of books. That did not help to boost my popularity status, but oh well.

Ferris Buellers Day Off. This is my all time favorite movie. I discovered this movie in a box of VHS tapes sitting in my garage the summer before eighth grade. It made me realize three things,

  1. I wasn’t playing hooky right

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone fake sick the way Ferris Bueller did. I mean “Save Ferris” was plastered on a water tower. He was a genius and really my hooky game improved by a lot the next year.

2. I needed to live in the moment more

Ferris did things spur of the moment. He didn’t not do something out of fear, he did every thing like it was his last living day, which it might’ve been if he’d gotten caught.. But I mean really, taking that Ferrari, iconic.

3. Confidence is key

If Ferris hadn’t been so confident in himself he would’ve gotten caught immediately. He showed up to school to pick up his girlfriend early, I mean the kid had balls. He never thought he would get caught, and he did everything so fully, you never would’ve known he was faking it.

Sixteen Candles is an extremely relatable movie for me because my family forgot my fourteenth birthday and it was a really shitty day. While I realize the entire movie is not about this girls family forgetting her birthday, it is what drew me into the movie. This movie was kind of in sync with my life at the time, the part about the birthday of course, but the part of having a crush on a guy who doesn’t know you’re alive. Of course eighth grade me thought casually dropping a note by my crushes desk was a great idea since it worked in the movie, but nonetheless this movie still draws out the inner romantic in me.

Finally, The Breakfast Club. As bad as it sounds, I didn’t see this movie until my freshman year of high school. This movie gave me a deeper perspective of high school students. I had always been a slightly judgmental, judging the book by its cover person, until I watched this. This movie honestly changed my view on everything and I started to become a much more open minded individual, I realized that no matter what you may think, every one has their struggles, every one is going through something; no matter how perfect their life may seem, and most importantly every one can get along with a joint.

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