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How to Find Your Passion (Write a Story About You)🔍

How to find your passion

When somebody talks about how to find your passion and change your life, it could mean a lot of things, how to be rich, how to find the love of your life, how to win a prestigious award or any other thing that you deeply desire. But here I’m not talking about the things connected to the actions of others where a particular action depends upon you and the reaction depends upon somebody else.

For example, applying for a job with a kickass cover letter and waiting to hear back from the company only to find out they chose somebody else.

I’m talking about the turning point in your life when being aware of your weaknesses and living a totally confused life, you finally figure out your strengths and realize how you could be so much more than what you were taught to become.

I’ve turned this blog into a short video if that’s your format of choice here

Back in 2008, when I just completed my high school, I was sitting in front my television screen watching a recorded session of Linkin Park performing live in Texas and thinking to myself, how to find your passion and who the hell am I supposed to be in life? Up until this point, I was told by everybody, including my so called teachers, my parents and my peers, the only thing that matters is that you act like a good student, score good grades, pass out of your schooling life, get a job, become a slave for the rest of your life and die.

As God would have it, I was unable to tick any of the boxes and that was the beginning of my complicated journey which I’m still trying to figure out to this date. Everybody who preached this ridiculous code of life to me, started looking down on me and believed me to be a failure for the rest of my life. But like Leonardo Dicaprio’s character in The Revenant, I was able to crawl, nail, bite and fight my way through to survival.

Then came the summer of 2008, bringing the biggest miracle of my life. I witnessed the epic release of the greatest superhero movie ever made, The Dark Knight directed by the legendary Christopher Nolan. Watching this movie completely changed the way I looked at the world and the way I use to think about obstacles in life. Watching this movie triggered a key ambition in my mind, the ambition to write a story and quite predictably, a story about a superhero inspired by the world of comic books. It finally gave me the answer for how to find your passion.

So I decided to take an empty journal out and started to write a well thought out story about a man who is a complete loser in the beginning of his life but as he grows older, he witnesses something which makes him realize how he could be so much more than what he was taught to be.

Once the story was complete, I began to read it countless times, and when I read it again and again, every time I took a closer look at the truth behind the writing of the story. The truth was that I was in complete control of the story. I had complete control over the characters, the plot, the villain, the twists, the turns and everything that goes into a nice little small story and once I realized the power of this control, I fell in love with it and decided to write some more stories.

I kept on writing story after story without falling a victim to the dreaded writer’s block.

Once I wrote all these stories, I put them together side by side and I realized that all these stories were about a small little character with little known existence in the world who goes onto do so much bigger things than his imagination initially ever allowed him to capture because he asked the same question, how to find your passion?

Now I finally realized who I was supposed to be and what was I sent in this world to do. I obviously wasn’t going to purchase a jump suit, put on a mask, jump out of my window and become a vigilante.

I finally figured out how I was meant to be a storyteller and the only thing I cared about from that moment and onwards was telling stories and that’s it. After thinking not so hard about it but looking deeper into the mechanics of storytelling, I figured the best medium for telling stories is through TV and Film as opposed to other mediums.

So the major subject I chose for my college degree was Film and that was the real beginning of the ideal life I always subconsciously desired. After a really long time, I finally felt like I’m at peace and the universe will not let anything take it away from me. That’s how happy I felt.

So finally when my university life began, I developed a team of like-minded folks, started writing stories, began to direct movies and completely transformed my life into something worth living.

Now the whole reason of taking you through that story was to let you know that all it takes sometimes to figure out how to find your passion and change your life, is one story.

If you’re reading this, struggling to find your passion and change the way you look at life with all its intriguing possibilities, I’m willing to bet my life on it how you’re just one single story away from completely changing the way you look at yourself and the world that revolves around you. You just need to go out there, look for it and finally discover it.

But the whole point of my story is that you don’t necessarily need someone else’s story to inspire you, shake you out of self-loathing and make you realize what you’re meant to be in this life. This inspiring story can come out of your own mind where you just need to pick up a piece of paper or take out your laptop or anything that you can write on and start writing a story that comes to your mind.

The story could be about anything or any person, but if I were to recommend, I would suggest start writing about the kind of person you want to transform into and take it from there. Write about your ideal profession, your ideal house, your ideal love life, your ideal everything.

Once you’re finished, start another one and when you’re finished with that, start another one. Keep jotting your stories until you finally discover the story that would change everything forever like it did for me. I stumbled upon The Dark Knight, got inspired to write superhero stories and after reading these stories, I wanted to become a storyteller desiring to leave a mark on the storytelling and the filmmaking world.

Once you begin writing story after story, sooner or later you will stumble upon that one incredible story that you were searching, forever changing you. It will finally give you the answer to the million-dollar question, who are you and what were you sent here to do?

Believe it! Just one story about anyone or anything can give you the answer to the most difficult question in our lives. It is an absolute necessity that you stop everything that you’re doing, open up a pad and just jot down any story that comes to your mind, It doesn’t have to be perfect or something to marvel at, it just needs to come out of your mind and into the reality so you can figure out your own reality. That is how storytelling changed my life and that is how storytelling can do the same for you.

On a closing note, I’m going to repeat myself from my previous blog. if you’re a director, if you’re a producer, if you have a team, if you have the resources and if you’re genuinely interested in making short films or feature films that would leave a mark on the world and get the people talking and then moving on to doing bigger things together, then I am genuinely interested in providing a story and a screenplay for you to work with.

We can genuinely work together from the opposite ends of the world, produce great movies, get people talking and finally get an entry into the landscape of Hollywood. Simply get in touch with me through my email at and we’ll take our collaboration to the next step.

In the hopes of connecting with filmmakers and storytellers worldwide, this is Mr. Zeecon, in the making of a great story.



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