How To Get Away With Life

Life is a series of surprises that need you to be on your feet

You might die. No in fact, you will die. Space does not cooperate. You have to sit and think. You sit, plan and start working. Or eventually you will actually die.

I recently watched the Martian. Finally. I’m usually the last among my friends to watch any movie. I loved it. Stuck in Mars, an astronaut had to figure out how to survive on food meant for a couple of days until the next NASA probe was due to arrive in 4 years. He managed to grow crops in Space! Bad Ass levels redefined right there. He also managed to keep his sense of humor intact, even in the face on such insurmountable odds with his hilarious daily logs.

More analogies…

Life has a way of playing games with you. I don’t think it is in any way different from being stuck in Mars all by yourself. Life just wants to lie that you have it better by giving you people to share in your misery and dilemmas. But in essence, I think that the speech above, the heavily paraphrased introductory speech he gave to the recruits on the NASA space program, rings true for all of life. Life sometimes just does not cooperate. And if your resign to it, you are as good as dead. Whether literally or emotionally.

Death is the absence of the spark, of the zeal to wake up everyday and do something.

The spark which I think alot of us have already lost, or are on the verge of losing. So if you do not decide to sit up, do the math and start working, you will disappear and eventually implode.

Analogies only serve to tell us truths that we already know but seek to ignore or avoid. This life is a journey that was made for us to have an adventure. But the cost of adventure is that for you to enjoy it, you cannot afford to get comfortable. You cannot afford to get complacent. As soon as you do that, any number of things could happen to you.

Here’s a secret…

The Martian also gives us one little secret about life. The team you do life with matters above all else. If you find the circle that will move heavens, that will literally cross planets to come over and help you, then you have found nirvana. Your own heaven on earth, because trust me, that is a gift that many die without experiencing. Your fellow humans aren’t just here to suffer along with you, As i earlier implied. They are here to walk with you, to hold your hand and run this stretch of race in tandem with you.

When you find your winning team cling to it with dear life and do not let go, because you have found a gift worth dying for.

To love is divine and when you come anywhere close to divinity, you cannot help but step up into super human status.

Life is a series of surprises that need you to be on your feet so wake up, shake off you inhibitions and step forth to conquer the word.