How TVF broke the fourth wall

The fourth wall as defined by Google- “The conceptual barrier between any fictional work and its viewers or readers. The wall can be ‘broken’ through either directly referencing the audience or the work they are in, or referencing their fictionality.

TVF’s latest show “Humorously Yours” is a look at the life of a standup comic. I had been super eager for this show as soon as they launched the trailer.

I love standup and I love TVF! TVF is arguably India’s best online digital entertainment channel. I have been a fan since the time their Rowdies video was on Youtube. I have followed them doggedly through their journey and man, what a journey they have had! Show after show, they remind us of how creative and original the whole unit is. When they launched their own website/app and stopped putting content on Youtube, I was very skeptical of their move. But turned out, it was a rock solid move and would help them monetize their content better. In fact their website has a discover tab — which helped me find “Video Game High School”. I haven’t laughed that loud since.

I felt Humorously Yours was a very authentic show with an amazing standup comedian & actor — Vipul Goyal. My suggestion to people reading this is if you laughed for the AIB’s roast, you should definitely stay away from this show. For the remaining, you would find this show quite witty and refreshing.

The show gives us a glimpse of the success and struggles of a standup comedian. And this show connects to everyone whether they like standup or not. It focuses more on his life outside standup, about the relationship with his wife, his friends and his relationship with us, the public. It shows how he derives his content from things happening to him in real life. It also demonstrates the magnitude of effort that goes into each one of their performances.

The show starts by introducing us to Vipul Goyal performing in Canvas Laugh Club setting an atmosphere of how we actually could have watched his act right around the corner (at those exorbitant prices, I doubt that!)

The show keeps reminding us that Vipul Goyal is the same person whose performance we have seen before. And the show’s camera ever so slightly steps out of the stage and into his life making us feel that we are peering into his life backstage.

Vipul Goyal registers the website in an episode so that he can log enquiries for his show. Head over to for a surprise. His website’s name is a reference to the show he is starring in.

The show also features a lot of other famous standup performers, whose shows you would have most likely watched making this show feel authentic. And these other performers also pulled off very convincing acts, making you feel like you are getting to know their backstage lives.

TVF also kept releasing parts of Vipul Goyal’s past standup shows throughout the airing of the season.

These past shows give the impression that the show is not a staged performance and that this is an accurate description of what must have really happened in Vipul Goyal’s life. That he must have faced those challenges as he became what he is today.

Overall, I felt a genuine connection to the show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. In my opinion,the first three episodes were excellent but the last two episodes lacked the oomph! factor necessary to make this an unmissable show.

To sum it up-

TVF’s ‘Humorously Yours’ is ‘Silicon Valley’ if Richard Hendricks also built
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