I get the Chicago blues

everytime I see my city on the news

Oponions being thrown but no solutions being made

The mayors ducking shots but the city catching fades

How could we let our murder rate

Dictate a city so great

We brought the world great music and sports like Kanye and MJ

Now all I hear tourist say is oh my god is Chicago really such a bad place

What do you expect when education get trashed quicker than garbage being thrown away

Chris Brown said it best the police the worst gang in the world they the new KKK

Barely places for kids to play because all the recreation centers too busy trying to get paid

But you know what they say everything is rooted from the home

These parents selfish thinking is why they children feel alone

What happen to the times when the villages raised the child

I’m talking bout them days when Ms. Johnson down the blocks world go upside ya head if she saw you running wild

Its time to lift each other up and put the guns down

Give praise for having life to whoever you around

Bout to hop in the DeLorean and go back to the future when chiraq was chitown

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