Impressions: Hacksaw Ridge

There is nothing like watching a 5.30pm movie on a weekday. There is the minimum amount of people in the cinema so you mostly have the cine almost to yourself. So yesterday after a stressful few days I had to destress quick & went to go watch a movie :)

And wow, what a movie. What a movie. I told the ticket guy that I must choose between Ballerina & Hacksaw Ridge as both movies had extremely good reviews (4/5 stars) I always ask 2 questions before I decide what to watch. (1) What movies are the people watching (2) What are the people saying about the most watched movies at this cine?

Yesterday I asked question 2 and the ticket person told me, something along the lines that “people tell me they get different things from the movie.” And if you ever here that, then you know, that is the movie that you have to watch.

I totally don’t like war movies but made an exception for Hacksaw Ridge. And I was not disappointed.

With extremely real and gross war scenes, it is always the story of Desmond Doss, that stays behind, to be told, in the flow of the movie. And what a story. I can’t even begin to tell it to you, as it is almost impossible to comprehend that it actually happened…

When Desmond Doss was alone on the ridge saving the lives of fellow soldiers, this was his mantra…

If you want to watch the trailer, head here…

I highly recommend you watch this movie!!

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