Lawrence Kasdan says “The next Star Wars will be weird,” and it’s because of who Rey actually is.
Mark Zamora

Interesting. I like the thought process. I have a few cautions for you though. As humans, we tend to only see things that confirm our own bias. Read other hypotheses online then watch the films with one of those theories in mind. Maybe some other dialogue pairings will catch your attention. Second, I would be more interested in knowing who the writers are for the next film and what their history tells us. Thirdly, what us the ultimate outcome of your theory? Would Anakin never turn to the dark side? Would that mean the original trilogy never happened? What does that mean for the franchise that Disney paid so much to acquire? Fourth, I’m not sure that the identity of Rey has been decided by anyone yet. I think that Abrams has been careful in the past to leave open questions without tying the hands of the next movie. It may require long meetings at Disney/Lacasfilm to determine her origin. Having said all that, I do like your hypothesis. It fits with the comment that the next episode will be weird. Maybe instead of time travel, she is a reincarnation of Obi-wan Kenobi (think of the scene where she convinced the guard to let her go). And the weird part is that she discovers this through a vision quest with Luke Skywalker. Wouldn’t it be interesting for Obi-wan to give Luke his light-saber the first time he is needed and Obi-wan’s reincarnation (Rey) give Luke the same light-saber the second time he is needed? [Drops microphone]