Is Spooky the New #Cool?

Is Spooky the New Cool?

They are everywhere. Spooky things. Witches, werewolves, vampires, leprechauns and magic. They try to play cool, portrayed as art. People walking on water, bright dazzling splash on humanoids, gory beings, jarring animation, haunted houses and the metaphysical designed as entertainment. Weird themes are infused into video games, movies, paintings, fiction and other art forms today.

Read the novels. Every young girl is dating a werewolf. They are marrying a spooky hunk, spitting fire, flying at night or casting spells. Young boys want to be wizards like Harry Potter, they want to take on the forces and win. Most teen movies, shows or TV series have to sprinkle magic and mystique into their work to keep the attention of the young and old. Is this trend just sleek art? Are there some dodgy plots behind romance with the occult?

Crossing the Fringe

There is a divide between the natural and the supernatural. Many deep seekers cross this line all the time. Some people reading this may not believe in miracles or occult powers. They term them myths or antiquated creations of ancient cultures. If each first born in your family line died on the same night, you will know better than to term that serendipity.

Many creative designers who seek authenticity go back into the archives of human history to unearth lost traditions. They eke out how societies organised themselves, the gods they worshipped. They also search for retribution to deviance, what Spirits demanded libations of blood or pardons granted. To create believable myth, these occult inspiration hold something.

Great movie producers try to stay true — recreating the authentic excitement, fear, futility, and finality original myths evoked.

We have to ask if unlocking the stories of ancient demonic spirits does not unleash them in the present in any way? Impossible we think?

Today’s movie studios can create any image, sound or visual and even aural effect. Excellent 3-D printed sets, artificial intelligence, virtual fear and other technologies aid animation and hallucination of an almost verbatim feel.

They claim it is just art and show business. Is it really just? The entry appeal of subtlety — innocence is the ploy. Devious characters are quietly introduced at kids’ parties, birthdays, Halloween, and other festivals. This introduction accentuates the natural child-like inquisitive disposition. Many times this open doors to courting spirit-forces and ends in a whirlwind.

The Allure of Magic

Intrigue retains great pull for spooky explorers. Though these times are increasingly agnostic, people still sense there is a power greater out there. I have personally spoken to several dozen people about their faith on the streets of Europe. They admit that though they are agnostic, there has to be something/someone out there. This is the thinking that fuels a strong desire to explore this grey realm.

On city streets, accessing the occult is the new normal. Where ever you are: New York to New Delhi, Paris to Panama City, London to Lagos, Cape Town to Casablanca, Copenhagen to Calgary, Shanghai to Seoul. Palm and tarot card readers, stargazers, necromancers, fortunetellers ply their trade. They get people to pay to read their futures and render omens. It seems they do they do more than casting spells and tell of good fortune. They can attach familiar spirits to influence and conquer your human soul? I know also of people who have to fight nightmares and harm after these encounters.

Would it be different if you knew this for sure? Yes, that will be great. But truth is truth, whether you can substantiate it or not. In dark alleys of these nefarious and dark activities, a king of evil deploys forces, spirits and demons. These are no grey areas. Many ancient myths are rooted in dark demonic occult. There may have veneers of art covering them. Open your eyes see that these are the works of the Devil.

Many of what we call ancient mastheads may be idols to which human sacrifices have been made. People were burned at stake, pregnant women disemboweled, and blood of virgins poured as libations for these cursed objects. I am no spiritist, but i can see it in black and white.

Oath and libations that enslaved millions in the past remains what it was. It cannot be the whitewashed art we seem to ascribe today’s dignity to.

Whether you believe it or not there is a literal Devil. You may have your ideas about the existence of God, the devil, heaven, hell or any of the other "postulations of Christians". There is more than meets the eye and you better be ready when you or someone in your family comes under the influence of devilish powers.

There is an unleashing of romance with metaphysical world. The more the simple chant “God is dead”, the more others find solace in the occult. This darkness will come back to bite.

Here are some examples. The exorcist was a 1973 movie based on a real story of encounter with the occult world. There were real on-set accidents incorporated into the movie and quick deaths of over 7 actors and tragedies around their families. The Poltergeist was a 1982 movie where the star actor was strangled less than 6 months after the movie was released, and 3 other actors died mysteriously one before the movie was released. In some of these horror stories, mysteries are unearthed and purveyors meet their on-screen persona's tragedy.

There is a contest of forces. Only one God and one power stands above every other in the universe. He sent Jesus the Christ to set the captives free. He is merciful, compassionate and full of grace but he establishes the ground rules. Here is His #1 Principle:

“You shall have no other god besides me”
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