ISTP Profile: Rey (Solo/Skywalker?)

Back at it again with the MBTI profiling you didn’t ask for from your least favorite startup CEO.

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Rey is suspected of being many things, but there is one thing I am absolutely, positively sure of.

She’s an ISTP.

Of the things she might be, I want nothing more than to believe she’s Kylo Ren’s cooler twin sister. (This makes Kylo the Emo Twin, by the way. You’re welcome.)

There’s good reason for this, there’s hints of her being the offspring of Han & Leia, or (fingers crossed) Luke and My-Everyday-Woman-Crush-OG-ISTP Mara Jade sprinkled throughout the movie and soundtrack.

Not the least of these hints is her relationship and similarity to Han Solo, the true OG ISTP of the Star Wars Universe.

You, too, may have noticed Rey is at her best when she’s working on things, in danger, fighting, or under pressure (Sensation or Extraverted Sensing, her second preference). She’s flexible and improvisational in her style (P) and makes decisions logically (Accuracy or Introverted Thinking).

One of the universal characteristics of ISTP’s is having two distinct modes.

100% ON or 100% OFF.

We mostly see Rey in action, but we get a glimpse of her chill mode after a long day of doing ISTP shit like repelling down the inside of a huge space craft to find the one valuable part, which she executes with precision and by her fucking self. We find our hero chilling outside, playing imaginary resistance fighter with an old rebel helmet. This imagination might lead some to believe she’s iNtuitive, but pay attention: she’s got a helmet and lots of trinkets to help her get into it. INtuitives will often do this kind of thing passively in their minds without anyone knowing any better.

Let’s break down the preferred cognitive functions of ISTPs.


Introverted Thinking (Ti)

Rey’s use and preference of this function is shown often in the movie. The most telling may be in her interactions with Finn, resident ENFP of the Star Wars universe.

Rey is conservative in her praise to others. Even after they escape Jakku on the Falcon, they have a “gay best friend” moment, and in spite of the excitement, her compliments are actually underwhelming, measured, and appropriate.

Nice shooting!
Your last shot was dead on.

Your LAST shot.

‘Nice’ shooting.

Let’s compare this to Finn’s compliments, which he gives with wonton abandon.

That was AMAZING!!

Boys and girls, I present to you the difference between Accuracy and Harmony (Extraverted Feeling).


Extraverted Sensing (Se)

As we talked about earlier, Rey is all about the action. This duality of Accuracy and Sensation is a fantastic mix for an assassin, surgeon, master swordsman, or any athlete that requires precision.

You can see how this mix also lends itself to quietly making alterations to a space ship in silent.


Extraverted Feeling (Fe)

The dreaded 3rd preference. The 10 year old in the back seat telling ISTPs not to hurt good people. The ability to express ones emotions productively is difficult for all, and ISTPs are no different. They’re no good with big feels.

This often manifests into ferocity that works well for action heroes and Jedi. Take a look at other ISTPs you might be familiar with.

Han Solo, Eminem, Darth Maul, Daredevil, Electra, Don Draper and Arya Stark.

We also see it when Rey charges at Finn with her Donatello bow staff. (My SO is an ISTP, she has literally charged at me like this out of nowhere).

Finn, the voice and avatar for the audience, gives the most appropriate response.


Rey’s Theme

There’s nothing I love more than art that weaves together design, character development, plot, and music. The Force Awakens, and hopefully those that follow, are excellent in this regard.

In Rey’s Theme, we hear a pan flute playing short, quick, precise staccato notes, which remind me of a fawn in Narnia and/or Finn following behind Rey in Holy Grail fashion playing music while Rey is on the hunt through an Endor like planet.

Even the chill parts are intense.

Let’s contrast her theme with Luke’s theme, who is an INFP if I’ve ever seen one.

Long, sweeping, optimistic, emotional longing. Staring off at the Binary moons of Tatooine and whatever other things people do with Authenticity (Introverted Feeling).

Yet, at 2:35 of Rey’s theme, you hear the first few notes of…Luke’s theme. It quickly turns all Rey, or perhaps a harmonic mixture.

What do you guys think? Hit me up in the comments. I won’t bite.