It’s the weekend, and it’s a SUPER weekend. I couldn’t resist that especially since my Patriots are once again in the Super Bowl.

Enough sports.

What are your plans for the weekend? Here in Fresno, we are drying out from a rainy Friday where we saw flooding of some streets and kids riding wake boards being towed by a jeep.

With that in mind, I included a couple of local stories. Hope you don’t mind? 
If you remember the TV show In The Heat of the Night and the character “Bubba” played by Alan Autry, then the first story might interest you. It’s about a film project that kicked off this weekend. Check it out.

The rest of the newsletter, a little short since it’s a busy weekend with sports is full of the stories I always curate.

Enjoy your weekend and go Patriots.

Mark & Patti

California News

The former Mayor of Fresno is making headlines again and with a higher purpose. Check out the post below.

Victory by Submission | debuting February 3 | Alan Autry | Fresno Bee —

Alan Autry is going with a grassroots approach to getting his new movie, “Victory by Submission,” to the public. Instead of waiting to get a theatrical release, selling it to a streaming service or taking the direct-to-video approach, Autry will start by showing his faith-based movie in churches across the country.

How about honey? Do you long for some innovative ideas for producing honey? Here you go!

Local young honey baron teams up with Beach House at Lovers Point —

The honey company’s owner and chief beekeeper is 14-year-old entrepreneur, Jake Reisdorf, a young man who has been in the news since winning the $10,000 grand prize in the CSU Monterey Bay Startup Challenge in May, as well as receiving national recognition by the Score Foundation, which named him Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Small Business.

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Facebook News

God loses verification on Facebook, blames Trump —

On Wednesday afternoon, God’s account became unverified — not that God really needs the validation. The comedy Facebook account had been verified for years.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

McDonald’s to Offer Chocolate Shamrock Shake | Money —

With St. Patrick’s day just around the corner, McDonald’s has decided to make its secret Shamrock Shake menu official.

From a Friend on Medium

(96): The Long Trudge Up the Hill to Enlightenment, Or This Week’s Yoga Class —

Thursday is my usual morning yoga class day, and I managed to get there about 15 minutes early (yay!). I noticed something on this, the 2nd day of February of 2017: it was downright crowded (the…

What I Wrote This Week!

How I See It — Imperfect Writers of the World —

I’ve never been a publisher before. I’ve been an editor of a high school newsletter and an editor of a college newspaper, but that’s about the extent of my knowledge when it comes to something close…

What a Week! — The Life of Papa —

So, I took this first week of school with the kids to get my head around kindergarten and 2nd-grade work. It isn’t as easy as you think. Especially when you’re 62, and haven’t been to school in years…
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