Jungle Book 2: The Revenge!

My Boards ended on 28th March and being a social butterfly, had 2 notable outings in the following 3 weeks. The 2nd one was with my friend Ameet Rahane on which we watched the ‘Jungle Book’. This opportunity also gave me an incentive to update my blog, hiding my lack of actual content with more film reviews. (yay!)

You can see they kept the artstyle

The film starts out with Mowgli and his wolf clan in the background of a water crisis in the summer, triggering the ‘water truce’ (no killing near the watering holes). This scene shows us the ultra-realistic and fluid animation and is the first appearance of our villain Sher Khan. This meeting triggers the plot which is Mowgli first running away;then returning and then finally killing Sheru after finishing off a giant orangutan.

In case anyone was wondering if that was rather dark for a kids film; I would like to tell you that:

  1. This is not a kids film now. (U/A in India)
  2. Being directed by the same guy as Iron 1 & 2; there is more action than singing.
  3. Singing is approximately 0.

Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely a good film;jaw-dropping animation with scene-after-scene that keeps you on your seat with its pacing and action.

But this is the Jungle Book.

The creators seem to think that the ultra-realistic animals and scenic shots will create the atmosphere of the lush mysterious forest as in the book. It certainly does, but ‘mysterious’ in the way an adult might view the forests: from the outside, full of danger and a setting only for action-packed adventures. Not the zany forest of animals that Rudyard Kipling wanted to share.

In Summary:

Is it a heart-warming children’s fantasy film? No.

Should you watch the Jungle Book? Yes.

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