Justice League: Dark Review

by ElJefe__ and Captain Awesome!!!

Que’s Review

Last year, Warner Brothers Animation decided to make an R-rated DCU movie.

Great idea.

They decided that it would be best to use a story involving The Dark Knight himself.


Someone in that office asked if they could use “The Killing Joke”.

Err…really? There’s barely enough story there…but okay then.

Then they go right ahead and have Batman and Batgirl make a spirited attempt at making Bat-Babies! This was an unforgivable sin.

So now, they’ve once again waded into R-Rated territory and while it doesn’t exactly wipe away the sins of The Killing Joke, it is a step in the right direction.

Justice League Dark is a very decent offering with beautifully violent fight sequences that basically drops you smack in the middle of John Constantine’s world. Which has a ridiculous amount of stuff going on. Details, new characters and plot devices come flying at you from every angle very quickly creating a good amount of confusion for any viewer who is new to the JLD world. Even as an avid followers of the books, I had to rewind a few times.

The animation is stylistically similar to Justice League War and both of The Dark Knight Returns. This is, in my opinion a bad thing.

This movie could have done with a simpler script and I’m really not sure why they felt Batman was absolutely necessary. Probably because they know most of us will watch anything with Batman in it these days.

Zatanna and Constantine never seem to be in any real danger because they seem to be able to do pretty much ANYTHING with magic. Unlike Superman and Batman they seem to have no actual limitations.

Then there’s the choice of Felix Faust as the core villain. He is utterly uninteresting and barely even there.

I’ve never really been a fan of Swamp Thing. I mean he’s a basically walking, talking garden. He shows up here and there in the movie and leaves me wondering why he was even there.

Let’s run through the rest of this real quick shall we?

  • The characters are accurate to their comic book counterparts, and the animation is top-notch.
  • Deadman’s voice was annoying but he was pretty funny.
  • There’s a turd monster. Really. I’m serious. A bloody turd monster.
  • Matt Ryan voiced Constantine amazingly well and should be Constantine for the live action movie.
  • The fight scenes are pretty good and Etrigan is a joy to watch.
  • Oh! And Batman scares a “Shroud” (a spirit sent to reap souls)!! That definitely deserves another cool point!
  • But I take that point right back because somehow, some way Batman managed to anticipate that a neeed for adrenaline would arise and so he tucked a HUGE syringe full of it in his Utility. God I hate that damned belt, it makes him seem like an adult, angry Sports Billy.

Overall It’s better than most of the recent animated movies but it’s nowhere near as good as Flashpoint Paradox

RATING: 6/10

Captain Awesome’s Review

Super hero film; albeit animated. So if you’re not a fan of such, stop reading now!!!

I’m going to do this review without being a spoiler.

For someone like me who is just a surface superhero geek, unlike Que who is a full on superhero geek, the only people I know in the Justice League are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. Last year, I found out that Constantine was a DC character (the shocker!!!). Constantine is the main character in this film.

If you know about Constantine, you know he is all about the magical; Dark magic, hence the title so prepare yourself for a lot of that and characters related to him.

The film starts of pretty excitingly; straight into the action and quickly acquainted us with more familiar faces. Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman all make appearances in the first five minutes and the rest of the Justice League soon follow suit albeit in a very passive scene. From there on end, we don’t see any of them except Batman till close to the end.

Constantine soon appears on the screen and quickly assembles a team; I won’t mention names so as to not spoil it for the super geeks. There was a scene that looked right out the “Now You See Me” movie.

The tone of the movie changes; again if you watched the Constantine series, you’ll be used to this. There is a lot of fantastic dialogue, great wit and banter between Constantine his friends and the villains (yes, there are a number of them). There are also a number of flashbacks which are appropriate and genuinely carry along the viewer (especially the intermediate and basic geeks). Dialogue can be sometimes long and dragged out, which Batman had to cut short once.

Constantine is an investigator and off course to an extent, so is Batman and the middle of the film is filled with investigating; a lot magic based, it can get tiring and boring and that was the only downside, I dosed off at some point. The investigating leads to them determining who the actual bad guy was which surprised me as much as it surprised them. Absolutely brings the movie back to life leading up to climax.

The final scene was fantastic, albeit confusing. I couldn’t understand why some people (heroes inclusive) were affected, but others weren’t, unless I missed something.

CONCLUSION: It’s a really good movie if animated superhero movies are for you. Great mix of action and as mentioned early dialogue is on point. You don’t need to know anything about the DC World or the individual characters to enjoy it which is always great. Watch it!

RATING: 7/10

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