“La La Land” Why many of fallen in love

Emma Stone and Ryan Gossling are the stars of the popular musical film “La La land.” The movie takes you on a classic romance story with wild dance numbers and songs with a twist in the end. It tells the story of Mia (Emma Stone) a up and coming actress who works as a coffee shop barista and Sebastian (Ryan Gossling) a musician who is obsessed with old time Jazz. “La La land” has seemed to be the talk of the theater. It has classic cliches and corny lines, so why do so many people love it?

It is a classic. “La La land” is a classic musical put on film. The cliches are perfect for the story and has the audience captured from the very first scene. Well written and composed music, beautifully choreographed numbers and a cliched plot that actually isn’t as bad as one would think has everyone, even myself, falling in love with it. Think of the classic musicals like, “Singing in the rain” or “Rebel with out a cause”. This is what everyone is going on about.

Classics seem to have been lost for so long, and now a movie with all of the makings of a classic musical, its a beautiful thing to see in 2017. Now “La La land” won’t be for everyone, but I must urge if you love the classics and are a musical junkie like me I highly recommend it! Even if you aren’t, watch it, you might just find you love it.

Now, I’ll see you all in the movies ;)

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