What’s wrong with being a large breasted, thigh baring white woman?

Image Courtesy: DC Comics

Earlier this week Wonder Woman was fired from her position as UN ambassador for women and girls, just two months after the campaign was launched. The ouster followed protests and a petition challenging Wonder Woman’s appointment as many people thought the fictional super hero was an inappropriate choice to represent women.

The petition that received 45000 signatures said that Wonder Woman couldn’t be a symbol of women’s empowerment because she was “a large breasted white woman of impossible proportions, scantily clad in a shimmering, thigh baring body suit with an American flag motif and knee high boots”.

I don’t know about you but that seems like they are being sexist for demanding a woman be fired because of the way she looks and dresses. I mean would any sane person ever demand a woman be fired because of the size of her breasts or the length of her skirt?

Image Courtesy: DC Comics

Why is it wrong to have large breasts? Women from many ethnicities have extremely curvy bodies? Are we trying to shame such women? What are we saying here? “Look we respect women and that you have breasts, but hers are too large?” How is it OK to label Wonder Woman “large breasted”? Wouldn’t there be great outrage if a woman was fired for having small breasts? Is body positivity only applicable to women who don’t meet conventional standards of beauty? Shouldn’t we dismantle these silly standards instead of penalizing women who meet them?

Also, while I feel women of colour are grossly under-represented in media and entertainment, I don’t think we should exclude white women from the feminist movement. Aren’t white women, women? If we want white women to recognize their privilege, shouldn’t we encourage them to use it to help their sisters of colour get equal recognition instead of shutting them out? Haven’t white women contributed to the feminist movement?

Also what’s with the “scantily clad in shimmering, thigh baring body suit” objection? I mean are we seriously slut shaming Wonder Woman? How is that message supposed to empower women who are judged every day and in every part of the world for the way they dress? Wouldn’t we be out on the streets if a woman were persecuted for wearing a burqa? Remember the outrage against the French police for traumatizing an abaya clad woman on the beach? And what’s wrong with Wonder Woman’s costume anyway? You have a problem because her skirt is too short and her boots are too long? Do you have any idea how idiotic that sounds?

Image Courtesy: Warner Bros

I know Wonder Woman is a fictional character. But if you read her story, you will discover how her character has evolved over the ages. You will see that she has always stood up for women’s rights, fought against injustice, prejudice and patriarchy. She has fought alongside many male superheroes and has been a force to reckon with in every battle. Wonder Woman has stood up against bullies. Why must we then feel compelled to bully her employers to fire her because of how she looks and dresses?

We cannot take the feminist movement forward by holding back our own sisters. We have to become more inclusive. We have to stand together. Black, white, fat, thin, privileged, oppressed, sluts and saints… all of us must come together, because united we stand, divided we fall.

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