North, 1994

Today I watched quite a nice old film “North” with Elijah Wood. It’s very cool comedy starring famous actors and I really liked it. However, it was a challenge for me to watch the movie because of some problems with video player and subtitles. All in all, I managed to solve all of them and did it. So, here’re the results!

Plot summary

North is a 9-years-old boy who has everything that any child could wish except his parents’ attention. That’s why he decides to leave his family one day and start the travel around the world to find new parents. North’s classmate, Winchel, an editor of the school newspaper, and Arthur Belt, a lawyer, help him to organize the travel. So, North begins his searches, visits several states and even travels abroad. He meets different people but all they can’t be perfect parents for him for various reasons. Finally, he realizes that his own parents are the best so he comes back home, to New York. However, it ruins Winchel’s plans and he hires a hitman to kill North. The hitman shoots the boy when he’s running to his parents in the mall. But then North opens his eyes and understands that all these adventures were just a dream.

My own impressions

“Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home.”

In my opinion, this phrase that actually sounds in the end of the film is the main idea of it. “North” is a very kind and funny movie that can be interesting for both children and adults. It is full of wonderful landscapes, jokes and, in the same time, it depicts the problems that anyone faces in his life such as generation gap and lack of attention.

North is a very talented child, he has everything that he could wish: friends, popularity at school, the best toys but he feels lonely and unhappy because his parents do not pay enough attention to him. And, of course, he thinks that the best solution of the problem is to just find new parents. However, after some attempts North realizes his failure. I suppose that in the end of the movie the main character becomes less selfish and he understands that the best place for him is his own place. Moreover, only being separated North and his parents begin to appreciate each other.

And finally, I really enjoyed acting in the film. Elijah Wood as North and Matthew McCurley as Winchell were very cool and, of course, Bruce Willis was great in this small but remarkable role.