A plot summary.

9-year-old North suffers from the fact that his parents devote him a little time, as the boy thinks that they don’t appreciate all of his achievements. Sitting and thinking about his life in the secret place the boy meets a man dressed as the Easter Bunny, who having heard the story of North advises him to get away from their parents. North’s best friend Winchel and lawyer Arthur Belt help him with it. North gets the time before labor day to find a new family, to return to old one or to go to a shelter. North travels the world and meets a lot of families, but he doesn’t stay with them for different reasons. North is unhappy with these families and he understands that the best family is his one.Winchel worried that North would upset Winchel’s plans by his returning and employs a a hitman who shoots in the North, when he meets with the parents. But suddenly North wakes up and realizes that it was just a dream.

My impressions from the film.

This film is about family. I believe that this is one of the important themes for reflection and it is always actual. At first, when I started watching this movie, I confess honestly, it seemed to me boring, stupid and had no desire to continue to watch it. But over time I began to delve into the essence of this film and he seemed to me interesting.

It was interesting to watch as the main character North tries to find a new family ,ponders why these families don’t fit him and he comes to the realization that the best family is own one.

Initially, the film may seem crazy, but then you catch yourself thinking that all is vital. How many times had those situations where you think that your parents don’t understand you and other families aren’t so. You often take offense at the parents and angry with them, and so offend by it themselves.
Often we don’t like excessive control from their side or on the contrary we don’t have enough attention, but parents anyway love us, even if they don’t talk about it often.

This movie makes you think about the fact that we have to appreciate ouк family and every moment spent with her. Even there are disagreements in families.

P.S. I almost burst into tears at the moment of reunification of North with his family.