Oh Kadhal Kanmani — A movie that stirs something in your heart. #SimplyAwesome

“Something you haven’t felt in quite sometime”
A timeless capture…

It’s just a movie, right? And of course it is a Mani Ratnam movie, so naturally it should be a good movie to watch. This is the natural stream of thought for every other movie goer in town. But believe me when I say that, a movie like this happens once in a generation. (Too much?)

Well considering the fact that most, if not all the readers of Medium are non-Indians this article may not be significant in any way whatsoever. However for all the international readers out there, I’d like say that this is one movie you shouldn’t miss in your lifetime. It’s as simple as that.

A brief peek into the movie.

Direction: Mani Ratnam

An internationally acclaimed director of so many awesome movies. I consider him to be one among India’s greatest directors of all times. Check out his work in IMDB.

Music: A.R. Rahman

This is one name I’m pretty you must have heard of, if you are an avid music lover. Well, if you haven’t yet, check out his entire discography and listen as he transcends through space and time through his music. Though the language is primarily regional, the music is one of the finest in the world. An Oscar winner btw…

Cast: Dulquer Salman & Nithya Menon

The male lead is the son of a legendary movie actor Mammooty (A name synonymous with Malayalam Cinema)
The female lead is Nithya Menon. Who has become my favourite heroine of all time.

Now that we have gotten that out, you must be intrigued as to why I gave such a big build up towards ‘a movie’

The premise is simple. A love story. A live-in relationship. And how it pans out. In an era where romance is almost always peppered with light-hearted comedy making them good money minting Rom-Coms, this movie has a completely romance-centric theme. This approach seems fresh. I know live-in relationships are second nature in countries abroad, I’d like to point out here that though India is an embodiment of many cultures, almost every one of them frown and look down upon the concept of ‘live-in’ relationships. It’s considered as a serious taboo. This concept is simply a new concept to the general Indian youth. But the beauty of this movie is in the fact that it takes a concept that is taboo and presents it in such a way that it is not awkward to look at.

The movie simply takes us through the life of the couple. I’m in love and I know how it happens. Unlike the masala movies which present them in a weird heroic way, the trust that develops between two people is brought out with such perfection.

Their introduction scene in the church is such a fresh take on the start of a romance.

“Do you remember me?”, she asked, quite eagerly.
“Simply Refreshing”
“Oh yea, I do remember”, he says, smiling to himself, thinking of how he saw her first at the edge of the track

The acting was so clean that one reviewer wrote that

The director might as well have just put cameras in front of the couple and let them live it up
“Avalda Chiri, ente Saare” (It’s a Malayalam dialogue, roughly translates to, Oh My God, Her Smile…)

It was phenomenal acting. Kudos to both of them. Nithya’s smile was magical. You’ll remember it even after u’ve left the theatre. The scenes in the movie brought out memories in me that simply made me smile, a lot. In the uncertain world that we live in, so busy and aimless, this love story makes us reminisce the fact that

Only one reason is worth living for…its Love.

The purpose of writing this article is plain and simple.

“Watch it, don’t miss it for the world”

Even if you don’t understand the language. Wait for subtitles and watch it anyway. Worth every second.

Oh and more thing…

The music is #SimplyAwesome. Download it from iTunes. https://itunes.apple.com/in/album/o-kadhal-kanmani-original/id980176945. The entire album just rocks.

Listening to OK Kanmani Album,

Yours, #RolandWrites

(P.S. I’m quite new to blogging. Forgive me for errors that are quite horrendous. But I simply couldn’t resist and keep myself from writing this and I quite loved writing. Maybe I’ll keep writing)

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