After Anne Hathaway

We all think that Anne Hathaway’s career as a movie star is over.

The press and public have decreed her a bullshitting pariah in a picture-perfect edifice ripe for a tear-down. In fact, people love to hate her, which goes far beyond the usual dismissal of film stars on the wane.

She’s a phony! We get it! But, her fall from grace is unprecidented in Hollywood history, and I’m fascinated by why it got so ugly.

Look at Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle, Ingrid Bergman and Mel Gibson. They all fell out of public favor because they’d done something immoral or illegal. But, Hathaway hasn’t raped anyone with a coke bottle, abandoned her children or raved about Jews while high on crack. She’s an Oscar-winning actor who merely comes off as being twee onscreen, which in today’s terms, is punishable by unilateral scorn on a scale heretofore unseen — and all of it because the bar has gone subterranean on the internet.

The curse of The Oscar

Anne Hathaway Can’t Win — BuzzFeed

Hathaway in torment after her fall from grace.

But, who profited from Hathaway’s public ridicule? Follow the money and you’ll see that millions of hits on a website equal millions in ad sales. Thus, the church of vicious internet slander has created a successful financial model, and I’m quite sure they’re sharpening their knives for the next kill.

Our current climate of hatred is enriching the likes of BuzzFeed, TMZ, Wonderwall and Popsugar (among others) which in turn feeds our wrath, envy, gluttony, lust and greed. Is this who we really are? Apparently so.

Yet, a comeback is in the works for our fallen femme, and audiences will decide if that’ll fly or not. Stay tuned.

FYI — Warner Bros, Anne Hathaway & Gail Berman Spark To Jenny Mollen Book ‘Live Fast Die Hot’

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