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Rape is never primarily about race

Why does this article suggest the main issue is that white rapists are treated more leniently than black rapists? Rape is a hate crime committed by men against women — or by men trying to “feminize” & debase other men. Rape is NEVER primarily about race. The tone of this article is typical of how the Left trivializes misogyny — and has a lot to do with how misogyny on both the Left & the Right helped to elect Trump. The issue is: why does ANY sex offender of ANY race get a pass in our society? The answer is not racism; it’s Rape Culture. Black men rape Black women with impunity every single day, just as white men rape white women with impunity every single day. By the end of the day, 4 women will have been murdered by a husband or boyfriend in the USA alone. Where are the demonstrations? Where are the riots? I understand that you work in a male dominated profession & the boys don’t like it when you get too feminist on them. But a racist sex offender was just elected to the world’s highest office. Women can no longer afford to be timid about calling out misogyny, ESPECIALLY when it comes from Lefty Dude-Bro’s. I am boycotting Affleck’s movie now that I know he is a sex offender. I am not upset that he might get a pass for being white — I am upset when ANY sex offender of ANY race gets a pass.

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