Rustam (2016) Review

Watched Rustam today. It traces the real life story of a Naval Commander whose wife has an extra marital fling with his rich business man friend, while he is away on high seas. Beautifully directed with a crisp story line, the movie keeps you glued firmly in your seat.

What follows the murder is a brilliant court room drama and Akshay Kumar as Commander Rustom, the accused who is his own attorney, is just superb. Everybody has acted well, Ileana as the repentant Commander’s wife, Pawan Malhotra as the methodical investigating cop and Anang Desai as the discerning judge.

Music is mediocre. But where the film scores is treading the fine line in the grey area between right and wrong. Scenes like the chessboard game coupled with interrogation in the police lockup render an indelible effect, not to forget the twist of the subtle defence deals. It also gives you an interesting peep Into the then prevalent Jury system in India. All in all, worth a watch. Definitely.

— R Dube