Saw this on cab in New York City last time I was there, and then:




A new take on an old formula, or a new formula on an old take…

Script idea: All the ladies at Flashdancers are just small town girls, fish outta water types, looking to make it big in the Big Apple.

We meet the protagonists as they file in for their first day of work and encounter the gatekeeper of the establishment, the head bartender, Nick. At first he’s a real jerk.

Samantha, first girl to walk in that morning.

“Hey, I’m Sam. Supposed to start dancing here today.”

“You were supposed to.”

“Whatta ya mean.”

“You’re fired.”

“What — why?”





“HEY is what they feed the horses down at the tracks. HEY is not how we address co-workers, Mr. Beanatoni (the owner), and especially the customer at Flashdancers. You got one more shot. Walk in and try again.”

Samantha walks out and walks back in.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning. Dressing room is in the back.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Samantha walks towards back.

Nick calls to her.

“Oh and kid…”

Samantha turns to Nick, but he doesn’t even look up as he’s polishing martini glasses.

“Whatever you do…”

Nick stops polishing and looks directly at her. He sees his own late daughter that started at the club over 30 years ago in the young naive eyes of Samantha.

“…just don’t fall in love.”

Samantha politely nods. And walks towards the back. Nick keeps polishing the martini glasses.

Jennifer walks into the club and stands in front of Nick.


The previous scene pretty much plays out in this scene and then subsequent scenes until all 36 protagonists are introduced.

Nick gives all the girls nicknames names like “Iowa”, “Nebraska”, “Wyoming” and “Iowa 2". When they tell him things like,

“I’m from North Jersey.”

Nick laughs.

“Around the Big Apple, around these parts, you might as well be from another planet.”

During the day, all 36 girls are working in a steel mill way out on the edge of Long Island, and by night they’re work’n hard for the money at Flashdancers.

But they don’t plan to do it forever, gosh darnnit. “Iowa” is gonna be snatching roles from Idina Menzel on Broadway one day, while “Nebraska” plans to bring smart and sexy back to Wall Street. And “Kansas 3”, she’s operarting a fork lift while studying for the entrances exams into medical school.

But the girls who all nodded when Nick told them not to fall in love on the first day of work, did exactly that. Each of them found their perfect match, a handsome but humble hunk that kind of reminded them of their kid brother while working at the mill.

And everything is going along fine you see, until one day, all their love interests at the steel mill show up at the club (And these are the good guys at the mill, not the ones that apparently wear their steel-mill hat everywhere and seem to have an open can of Miller High Life every waking moment, no, these are the young men that are just working there because that’s what their dad’s did, even though they didn’t want to, each of the respective boyfriends secretly dreams of going back to college. They were all taking classes at the local community college and really enjoying it, but classes are expensive, and they can’t do it every semester because they gotta help out at home still, plus they all either have a mother, little brother, or sister that is dying, crippled, or hanging with the wrong crowd, so they had to take them into their small boiler room apartment for the time being, because ya know, just can’t turn their back on family, ya know? Anyway…wow, the stars are always so bright outside of the city. Sometimes you can forget there even up there ya know? But I know one thing’s for sure, I just might be staring at the biggest brightest shooting star this side of the Jersey Turnpike…)

But these girls don’t want to fall in love! They’re gonna be stars! So they all pull back from kissing their potential soul mates during the previous moment, and explain to their guys that they like them, “like REALLY like them, too much” — it actually even scares them.

All the guys are crushed. Throughout the New York and New Jersey suburbs, car doors can be heard slamming, wheels screeching, and phrases like, “So you’re gonna walk away from true love for a shot a stardom” and “I thought there was more to you than that” can be heard throughout the night.

Dejected but undeterred, each guy explains to their respective best friend in various scenes that take place at a bar, outside of a bar, walking to a bar, or walking home from a bar, that they believe that this actually could be true love. And all of their best friends tell them that they’re crazy and that instead they should be planning a trip to Atlantic City and/or Vegas and forget about this “Dorthy” from Sacramento or some shit.

But it’s each guys’ sick/crippled/or troubled mom/brother/sister that reminds their son or brother that they have never seen them “soooooo happy”. And they should go find the girl and go get her at whatever cost.

So yeah, after one day of not being able to find any of the girls, all the male love interests just happen to show up at the club, (individually, wasn’t even like a group work outing, though they were polite to each other when they saw one another either standing in line to get in or waiting at the bar for a drink), and each see their girls dancing and/or talking to clients (but each of the girls that was seen talking to a client, actually wasn’t enjoying it and/or they were either scheming a stock broker douche bag that deserved it or they were in a position where they were just about to punch the guy’s lights out).

At the same moment, all of the guys meet the eyes with their respective girls.

And the whole club freezes for a moment.

And even though it’s the guys that are patronizing the strip club and their character could be called into question just as well, for the purposes of this story, it’s the girls that are embarrassed and ashamed.

They stop showing up at the club and the mill. And its bad for business all around (as the women have taken union positions, some moved up pretty quickly as they proved themselves to be organized, skilled and showed an ability to improve working conditions & product quality in just one sales quarter).

Both the club and the local steel industry start to tank quickly. It could even affect the town where all the male love interests live, forcing them all, and their sick/crippled/jailed mom/brother/sister to move somewhere else. Who knows where else? What would anyone care anyway. Anything they have ever done has never worked out anyway. It was so stupid to fall in love with a girl right now anyway. You know what Atlantic City or Vegas doesn’t sound half bad right now.

And that would suit the girls just fine. All of them are gonna move back to their respective home towns in Nebraska and Iowa — “It was stupid to come out here anyway!” they say — their fathers were right!

But the club owner of Flashdancers, Johnny, is the strip-club owner with a heart of gold, and he has a plan that could both save the club and the local steel industries.

The clock is ticking.

The local economy is taking a nosedive, and he’s gotta reconcile over 40 broken relationships and pull off a plan to get these girls back to working 2 full time jobs, while still following their dreams , and back with their true loves, that just doesn’t come along every day on the Staten Island Ferry — luckily he knows just where they all live (because he has their W2s, and even with a heart of gold, he’s stalked more than a couple of the girls online, but never took it any further).

Title: “Maniacs”.

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