Season finale.

When i was 20 years old i quitted a job after only one week. Two days later i had an interview and started working in a newspaper as a content creator. After one year i started making videos for the internet, and because of that i got a job in a TV Channel. I really liked and decided to go to the Hillsong College and study more about TV and Media. And now i’ve been living in Australia for almost a year.

Somehow, all my past choices, the good ones and even the bad ones, the bad days, the good days, they brought me to this point of my life, where i am right now. And i’m so thankful for that.

It’s like a season finale. I can look back and think about all the things that happened so far and start guessing what is coming next. But it’s a good feeling, it’s like watching your favorite movie again and knowing that the main character shouldn’t worry, because what is going to happen at the end it’s amazing.

Sometimes we want to jump to the part of our life where everything it’s already figured out. But we forget that the best stories are actually about the journey. It’s Luke Skywalker’s training to become a Jedi that we like to watch, it’s Peter Parker’s flaws during his process to become a Superhero that makes us like the Spider-Man movies so much. It’s all about the journey.

The past seasons have been really awesome, but i’m now excited about what is coming next.

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