Smile of a Soldier

Today morning I woke up at 5:30 am and sat in a monk mode for fifteen minutes. I refreshed myself and suddenly I got a phone call from Roonie who is junior to me and my gym buddy. He told me to get ready for the gym. On our way to gym we have shared some experiences of our lives. Roonie told me about his friend’s selection as a Sub Lieutenant in the Navy. I told him about my cousin’s journey to the Army.

Both the stories described by Roonie and me were interesting one. Roonie’s friend Vijay had cleared many exams for the Armed Forces but couldn’t make in the final round. One day he decided to go back to his village. Vijay told Roonie that he has changed his mind and didn’t want to appear again. Roonie somehow convinced and motivated him for the next exam for the Navy. Roonie’s motivation came like a blessing for Vijay because he was the only one in a group of 30 who got selected in the Navy. Sometimes you find out the capability of other people and the most important the “faith”which Roonie has generated in Vijay.

And now My cousin’s story which is as same as Roonie’s friend. Sunny (name changed) is my cousin who started his campaign for the Army rallies when he passed his matriculation means he was just 16. He really wanted to join the Army. His father was not having a permanent job and had a large family including his parents, 02 brothers and 03 sisters. No one was earning in his family during that period of time. Sunny and his elder brother had attempted many times in rallies but failed everytime. More than 05 rallies Sunny had faced but success was not coming to him. Finally he took the decision not to appear in the Army rallies and started focussing on his studies where he was not too good.

Sunny and I were in the same class (session 2005–2006) while we were in the different schools. Both of us had appeared in 12th standard. One day I was in my tuition of Mathematics where one of my friend told me about an Army rally. He was going in the rally and wanted me to join him but I refused. Suddenly, I thought about Sunny and made him a call and gave all the details. Initially, Sunny refused because of his previous failures and bad fortune. But somehow I convinced him and then he made his mind to appear in the rally. My brother accompanied him to the Army Cantt. where Sunny qualified without any failure. It was a big day for him. He brought happiness and raised a hope in his family. I was quite happy because Sunny and his family really needed that.

Fortunately, today when I am writing this stuff, few hours ago I received a video call from my “Fauji” cousin Sunny who is at the Line of Control and safeguarding the nation. He was looking like a handsome warrior wearing a winter jacket and covered his head with a winter cap as it’s cold over there. We discussed about the situation on the frontiers. He also introduced me with one of his “JCO Sahab” who looked in a happy mood. Here I was sitting in an AC office in front of my PC feeling energy less and in contrast they were in attending position at LoC with full of enthusiasm. And the most important thing I have observed on their faces a big “Smile”.

Sunny has spent more than 12 years in the Army and still continuing his services at the border. Few months ago his wife has given birth to a cute little angel “Suhavi”.

Living in the adverse conditions without family members is really difficult for the soldiers. I have taken a screenshot of my video chat with Sunny but can’t share due to security reasons.

Today my conversation with Sunny and his big “Smile” made me feel that the people of our nation are safe till these brave soldiers are there on the frontiers.

The thing which satisfied me after our conversation:

“Smile of a Soldier”

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