Living in A World of Billion Dollar Lies
Joe Brewer

Thanks for this. It’s amazing how your views apply to the current situation going on in my country Kenya regarding a proposed film bill which basically is setting out to censor artists and make it more difficult to even be creative. Threats of hefty fines and even imprisonment; lies, half-truths….It’s clear to me that there is something bigger going on. There is a hidden agenda that ties in to the bigger agenda of a few wealthy people in the world trying to control, well, everything. Art has always been the weapon that the powerless and voiceless use to challenge the powers that be. It’s no big surprise that film — one of the more powerful artistic vehicles — is the one that is facing the most threat of censorship. But history has shown time and time again that art cannot be boxed in. In this world of billion dollar lies, it is the role of the artist to find the truth, speak the truth, write the truth, sing the truth and stand on the truth.

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