‘The Tales You Heard’ Music Video-Review

An excellent music video, and a visual feast for the eyes.

Produced by ‘Rusty Shutter Films’ this music video was created for Ben Provencial’s song ‘The Tales You Heard”. The video is directed by James Arrow, and stars Shem Purdy. Plot wise the video tells the tale of a criminal on the run from the law, matching the Gothic country song beautifully.

The components of this film include editing, cinematography, music, and mis-en-scene. Editing wise, jump cuts are mainly used in an artistic way to show short lapses in time. This is to help match the video to the duration of the song, due to it being entirely in slow motion. Fades are also used to transition softly between scenes. Cinematography is used to help highlight the action and actor reactions in great detail, with the shot framing helps the overall immersion of the film. These well framed shots go hand in hand with the mis-en-scene. The costumes, backgrounds and props are all themed in the same visual style, a 19th century vibe. This style of look is consistent with the genre of music used creating an organic feel to the video.

Cinematography is used effectively.

The entire music video has the theme of justice and love to it. Starting with the outlaw running from the lawmen while clinging to the baggage of money he has taken during an armed robbery. The song itself is also about truth and the film ends with the protagonist coming to realize the truth, justice will be acted upon him. Regarding the theme love, the protagonist is heading towards a house where it is established a young girl waits for his arrival. This man has stolen for his love, and through his eyes it was justified act, though it was a sin in the view of the law.

The Love Interest

This music video is an absolute masterpiece. The cinematography is done beautifully, capturing the action in an inventive and artistic way with well framed shots. Mise-en-scene matches beautifully with the cinematography, with the character costumes and backgrounds complimenting each other attractively. Thomas Druitt, director of photography has created pleasant visuals which are quite attractive to the eye. This is not the only amazing feature of video, as the editing done by James Arrow is another mesmerizing addition. The jump cuts are timed perfectly to the beat of the music, and used in a artistic way effectively. Slow cross fades also act as a great transition that do not break the flow of the film at all. Though the story isn’t anything to special, the overall quality of just the pure visual aspect of this film make it quite an enjoyment to watch. Adding to this is the already amazing music, which combines perfect with the video, creating the perfect blend.

Beautiful Visuals

This music video has my highest rating and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and I would highly recommend viewing it if you haven’t already.

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