My Inspirations

I don’t recall how or under what circumstances I found a video of Arbor Skateboards, starring James Kelly titled Burn it Down. I’ve always liked the sport, but never followed the pros. I look for inspiration in various places—anything, anywhere can help influence me in some form or another, whether it’s music, a particular cut in a movie, the film’s specific look, a simple sentence or poem.

Anything. Everything.

This particular video has a special place in my heart for just one reason: I heard Swans’ Jim [iTunes] for the first time. I not only fell in love with that song immediately, it led me to discover bands such as Mumford & Sons [iTunes], alt-J [iTunes] and a few others.

Thank you, Arbor Skateboards, for your inspiration. Not in the way you imagined, but more than good enough for me.

The video

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