The most common problem with students who join engineering is that, they have no idea of what they want to be after four years of the degree course.

There is a fine line between a Qualified Engineer and a Certified Engineer.

I wish the young engineers would know the difference and bridge the gap between Academics and Innovation.

Jayanth is working as an Assistant Professor (Computer Science) in one of the reputed Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad. A self-motivated individual with a strong passion towards teaching, with over six years of teaching experience. His passion towards teaching helps him to be innovative day by day and stay creative. As a Computer Security enthusiast, he loves to spend time researching on Cyber-security to teach and share his thoughts with people around him. Being an educator by profession, he spend most of his day, interacting with young minds.

Who is a teacher according to you?

Teaching in the field of Engineering is the process of putting young thoughts into action. According to my opinion, a person who can make students think, can be recognized as a teacher.

Who do you think should choose Teaching as a profession?

It is obvious that teaching is a recognizable and respectable profession in the society. An individual who feels responsible for student’s overall growth, is the one who can choose teaching as a profession. When compared to Computer Science graduates working in IT organizations, the pay that a teacher with a higher degree in Computer Science can get is relatively low. A Computer Science graduate can hold different positions in the current tech savvy world.

My advice to young computer engineers is, choose this profession by choice but not by chance. The teaching profession is the best fit for those who are passionate about teaching and not concerned about pay.

It is important to note that a teacher can only earn for living.

What are some alternate career options for a teacher?

A candidate with a passion towards teaching can also choose to work as:

  • Corporate Trainer — for IT companies
  • Full-time lecturer — conduct online courses through Udemy, Khan Academy, YouTube
  • Trainer — Institute with courses in their expertise.

What do you think everyone leaving higher secondary school should know?

A candidate with interest towards creating innovative things and to simplify digital life can choose Computer Science. A student leaving higher secondary school must be aware of Colleges that can provide quality education (preferably IIT’s, NIT’s). A candidate must be very conscious about choosing the best college and put efforts to secure admission. Computer Science is a creative field of engineering. Thus, a candidate choosing CS must train himself to develop creative problem solving skills.

Any final thoughts?

The most common problem with students who join engineering is that, they have no idea of what they want to be after four years of the degree course.

It is mandatory, that parents should make sure their child acquires a significant exposure to various career options. Allow them to choose freely the career that best fits for them.

A student with no proper plan for their future goals, will constantly struggle to score marks, leaving knowledge behind which results in unemployment.

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